UMYOGO Mens Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes Fashion Sneakers – UMYOGO Mens Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes Fashion Sneakers

UMYOGO Mens Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes Fashion Sneakers

My husband love these tennis shoes. I bought them for him for Christmas. These shoes are stylish and look very nice with his jeans and sport clothes. He said that these shoes are so light that it feels as though that he is walking on air.
Although these shoes are light, these shoes gives his feet a lot of support. I highly recommend these tennis shoes.
OMG! THESE THINGS FEEELLLSSSS GREAT ON MY FEET! Received and tested (05/15/2020) ( 30 Y/O Male – 6’3 – 298 lbs – Size 13 shoe..). I went to the track to put these babies to the test!
I walked 3 laps and ran 1- And WELP! no foot fatigue, they’re light, good stability, with good traction and looks GREAT IN PERSON… EVERYONE ARE ASKING ME ARE THEY NIKES AND ETC..!- But NOPE!
Also, when wearing the shoe while running and walking, I didn’t get any uncomfortable sole or metatarsal pressure points that would cause discomfort.
(I’m flat footed by the way), So it was a really good perk to me! NEVERTHELESS, I’m getting the Neon Green ones Next week and FAST SHIPPING also!- (UPSTATE SOUTH CAROLINA).. JUST GO AHEAD AND ORDER EVERY COLOR THEY HAVE 🤣🤣🤣
Is so perfect !! My favorite snickers for Gym !! 100% very good!!!
If youre like me and ONLY buy after reading great reviews about a product, then read my review and simply press the buy button! (I buy from Amazon at least once a week!)
Honestly, this product was just as described and very cute packaging. It shipped really fast too. I look for quality when buying anything and this met my standards 100%.
Im not too big on writing reviews all the time but I took the time out to do so because Im very please with this purchase. I would definitely buy again!
These, for the price are excellent shoes. I’ve asked a couple of people how much they thought it cost and they said 130! The price is right, size is accurate, plenty of room for thick socks and wide feet.
Gives me extra reach on my pedal and quite comfortable to drive in. 5 stars, the only thing i didn’t like was the long floppy laces but still a good buy.
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This product fits a little snug because of all of the support that’s inside. I have very high arches so the cushioning inside the sneaker is very supportive and comfortable.
If you wear a size 9 or a size 8 1/2. I’m sure I will order a similar sneaker again. This week will be specifically for fashion purposes only. Over I am satisfied with this product
These shoes are so comfortable! I’m very surprised with the quality of these shoes, considering where they are made (hint: definitely not in the States, as it says “Just So So” and other random sayings around the shoe).
The insert is pretty cushioned, and they don’t feel like they’re too hard on the bottoms when walking.
However, I would not recommend running or working out in these since they don’t offer the support for that – these are strictly for fashion and basic walking around.
I got these men’s shoes because they don’t have my size in women’s, so if you’re a gal, just know they’re a little clunky! If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re golden.
I wear these with ankle skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt or hoodie and I feel like I’m back in the L.A. homeland already.
They also have this awesome neon color that can double as an aircraft marshalls’ guide on flight lines 😉 anyway, these are a great buy if you want street fashion, but don’t want to pay the Yeezy price tag to get it.
I totally expect to get them in at least one or two more colors!
Omg omg this shoe are too lit. I dont care if they arent name brand,they look it and are very comfortable on even tho they are for my daughter. I wear a size 8.5 in women,so i got a 7 and just ordered the red ones for myself.
They also look just like the picture.
I like these sneakers definitely recomended. Material feels great definitely has gd traction for jogging walk at the park and the web bottom will hold on definitely. Made very well
I have seen these on here for months and finally decided to give them a shot, and honestly, im kicking myself for not buying them sooner. I work as a massage therapist and Im on my feet for 6-8 hours a day.
So I need good shoes. A few months ago I got a pair of New Balance and for me they were terrible. Mushy soles with no support. I followed those with the exact opposite and got a pair of…

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