Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker – Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

Everything is perfect. Except for the delay. I’m with the service. Thank you
I am big sketchers fan. This sneakers fit great. Size is correct. I ordered a size 10 and I got a size 10. Love my new kicks. Highly recommend.
Very comfortable, good support, nice looking. I have many people tell they great. I’m glad I bought them.
Perfect fit. No blisters after 6 mile walk, will continue 6 miles per day. Easy to lace up snug. Arrived earlier than expected. Look cool, like a pro golfer‍(much cheaper than “swoosh” brand)
No Box or Original big big discount!!..I’d buy all my shoes this way if I could!!..super fast shipping..very happy!
I purchased the shoes 11 months ago and they have performed excellent Im very happy with them however last month like all shoes do the interior foot bed gave out.
So I ordered some new shoe inserts by Comeii and hope to get another 11 months worth of wear out of the shoes . FYI ….Just a sidenote all Skechers insoles are glued in and unremovable.
As a T2 diabetic, I struggle with nerve pain in my feet. I tried a running shoe, but it didnt offer the support or durability that this shoe offers. These fit very well and feel solidly made.
While they dont offer the memory foam insole, my feet still feel good at the end of my work day. For the money, these are an exceptional deal.
Since Ive only had them for a short time, I cannot yet speak to their long term durability, but if they last a year Ill be very happy.
They are not nice shoes they just feel like they are cheaply made but I have only had them for a week I will update in a month
Nice shoes. Well padded, good fit.Comfortable. Have been wearing them for work for several days and have to say, I like them.Its hard to find a low-key black sneaker that can be worn in the office.
These fit the bill.Wide tread for stability, supportive insole for comfort and laces that stayed tied all day.
He loves these
Better than Nike – bought them again 🙂
Fix as expected , my kid love it… hes so happy- if hes happy… im happy too
I work at an Amazon fulfilment center, walking MANY miles every day at work. Received them mid February and they are just now (Sept 16) showing signs of failure.
For me to have a pair of shoes last that long is rather impressive, even more so for the cost. Well worth it.
Super comfortable, look great, easy to get on and off, goes well with shorts, I would recommend,
I want to thank that other brand of shoe for forcing me to try Sketchers. Love these Sketchers. They fit great, very comfortable, and look great. Almost wore to church yesterday. Probably will soon.
Very nice and good quality. Fits perfect and looks very good. Very happy with purchase.
To be able to get an a pair of Skechers tennis shoes for $36.00 when they normally cost around $60.00 is great.
Also the fact that I havent even had them a week, so they arent even remotely broken in and they still are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have says a lot about how they are made.
If you are looking for great tennis shoes and can get by in life without spending $200 to $300 so they have the all mighty swoosh on them, then these are your shoes!
My son likes them
The fit was perfect even though my right foot is about half an inch longer than my left foot. These shoes break in marvelously after only a few hours walking and running in them.
Because they are made of leather, they are easy to clean and look great every time they are conditioned with a light amount of oil.
Another note on conditioning the outsole, the leather is shiny at first but absorbs the oil over a 12 hour period to be much less polished looking but instead have a nice textured glossy finish.
No problems with the sole, it is high quality for the price and the rubber grips well on any surface.
Excellent sneakers at affordable price.Very comfortable and lightweight.I’ll definitely recommend these sneakers.
So far so good , looks just like the photo on line
10.25.2019price is got shoes.. wow they do fit!but feel cheap or a little to light??may update rating.
Comfortable and fit as expected.
I purchased this item on my own with no compensation for this review. Please click on Helpful at the bottom of this review if what I wrote is useful to you.I fell into my Skechers almost two years ago by accident.
In addition to the fact that they are so comfortable, they ha…

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