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Sponsored Ad – COKAFIL Mens Running Shoes Athletic Walking Blade Tennis Shoes Fashion Sneakers

I love these shoes. Very soft and comfortable, with a great look. I did buy insoles for arch support, but they are nice.
Looks great, fits great and very stylish
VeryVery Niiiiice, and a Reasonable price
Perfect totally loved it so comfortable to wear I use these kicks in my gym and totally worth it got so many compliments they are totally attention seeker and plus the design is off the hook and plus at this price totally recommended
They are very pretty, but they don’t have for children of 7 years old, we are 4 and I could only buy 3.
First, I have never received so many compliments on a pair of shoes. However, within 12 weeks, the souls came off the shoes, lace holes broke, and lettering rubbed off.
Plus, I swear they shrank a full size.everyday I do 60 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of weights. And in my 43 years I have purchased around 500 pairs of Nike.
So, I was searching Amazon for new potential Nike’s, and I saw these generic knock-offs.The funny joke was going to be telling a friend, who is really into collectors shoes, that a I went to Kanye West’s church service, and I got some special pair of Yeezy shoes for getting baptized.However, these are actually a very comfortable walking shoe.
Built to a degree of quality, and fit like my current Nike walkers.The cushioning is not there to run more a few miles, or do some decent time on the elliptical.
Weight lifting is fine with these shoes, and has enough elasticity to do deadlifts and legs.I have had some Nike’s that have been much worse, though still would prefer anything Nike for training, in door or out.I am considering buying a few more pairs in different colors, and styles.
If there was more comfortable soul, I would consider these shoes for outdoor trainers, as they are cheap enough to be disposable.Overall impressed. But do not buy these shoes to save money.
Nike outlets usually have really good quality for under $50. I would recommend buying these shoes for the uniqueness.Fits like Nike, and I posted the photo of my Nike walkers to give you an idea of the width.
Nike’s run a touch small, and narrow, and these also have that tight fit that I prefer in a shoe.
I really like this shoe. I’ve used it mostly for everyday walking and it’s quite comfortable. It will look a little big because its white (I got the white color) but the shoe is pretty sporty. The material is not abrasive so it should feel comfortable.
I like the looks of these shoes. They fit well and are comfortable for walking in daily. Several people in my workout class have asked where I got them.
Was sceptical but I finally got it and it fits perfectly emphasis on perfectly….I usually wear size 10US and got size 10 and I’m happy.
Perfect as I expected
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