[REVIEW] Sponsored Ad – Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes AM1521

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Sponsored Ad – Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes AM1521

I wear a size 11 normally and bought the 10 and luckily they fit and I got wide feet as well so even going down a full number I can still comfortably wear the shoes which is wonderful!
theyre true to color and Ive had mine for a month now and are holding up fine. for a cheap knock off version of crocs theyre pretty good.
now sont expect amazing comfortable support they fall low on that scale so I wouldnt advise these to work an 8 hour shift in. At the end of the day for cheap pair of shoes around the house or at the beach theyre worth buying
He loves wearing them as they are super comfortable to wear around the house . Easy to just slide on with or without socks . No laces to tie just simple fast slide on shoes.
He chose black as it goes well with everything. These were way cheaper than crocs and just and good quality. very happy!They run true to size.
I understand shoes of this nature need to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. I wear a true men’s 12 with a medium width. This shoe is a half size too large but nonetheless, I like them.
They are comfortable and just as durable as my crocs for half the price. I certainly recommend them to others seeking a similar shoe. I will definitely buy again!
Amazing and comfortable. I just got them right on time as I was stepping out omw to work. Super light weight as well. I wear a 9, I took my size and it fits just perfectly.
I bought these because I needed them since I am always on my feet a lot as a nurse aid and proper ventilation and comfort is needed. So far I love it.
I also like how its easy to just slip your feet into.
These are my favorite everyday shoes now. The unisex garden clogs/crocks are extremely comfortable. They fit true to size and are a slim width fit cradling your feet making them nice and secure.
They are slip on and can be worn that way but they also have a strap that can be decoration on the front or can be used as a secure strap to hold your feet inside.
Great for indoors or outdoors, the garden, house slippers, in the shower or the gym the beach or even nursing shoes. They have social rubber foam sole which makes them comfortable and light weight.
Great for any age , and unisex. They are breathable and non slip. An all around great Clog/shoe.
I read a few different reviews saying they ran small so to order up but that wasnt accurate at all for me. Im normally a 9.5 or 10 Mens (depending on the shoe) so I ordered a 10 but the 10s felt way too big for me.
So they went back and I ordered a 9. BIG mistake. If you’re a half-size do yourself a favor and size up. They’re great quality. They’re light and airy and feel just as good as my Crocs.
But make sure to go a size up if you’re a half-size!
I read all the reviews, so you dont have to. The consensus for most buyers seems to be that size 8 mens is fairly accurate. However, all sizes smaller than 8 seem to run small, while all sizes bigger than size 9 seem to run larger than expected.
Personally, I buy size 14, when I can find it but I usually have to settle for a snug size 13. I ordered these in size 13 and they seem more like size 15!
Theyre too loose to wear without the strap and the strap looked too small for a shoe this huge. I was able to stretch the strap over my heel and the shoes became very comfortable.
I suspect the same size straps are used on all the large sizes, so your strap might not have to stretch this far if youre smaller than a 13. The shoes are very light.
The soles are thick. Today the shoe began rubbing on one spot on my left foot. I dont blame the shoes for this, I blame thin old man skin. If Im going to go without socks, this is going to happen.
I solved that problem by rotating to these $13 sandals that I recently bought on Amazon; https://amzn.to/3hEsiw2 .
I also felt a raw spot on my foot after a few days with those shoes but both pairs of shoes rub on different areas, so I just rotate them and Im good.
One final thing. A few people have reported that these shoes shrink dramatically if left in the sun. If my straps break, I might try shrinking the shoes a bit.update:Now that Ive had these clogs for 6 weeks, I completely love them.
Theyre so soft and comfortable, I often forget to take them off once I am inside for the night. I wear them everywhere. The strap shows no signs of wear.
I might buy a 2nd pair just as a future backup because…

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