[REVIEW] Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

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Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Great product! It’s by no means LeBron Soldiers, but that’s to be expected from the difference in price. It feels great, and has ankle supports.
It’s great for recreational use, but if your a middle school, high school, college, or higher level competitor you probably want to invest in a more expensive option because there’s definitely a difference between these and $150 basketball shoes.
Haven’t played basketball in them yet but so far LOVE them. The color, the fit, everything is perfect so far. Typically a woman’s size 7ish and ordered a men’s (I think) 6.5 and it fit perfect.
I also wear ankle braces and they fit well in the shoe too. Can’t wait to wear these soon.
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I selected the correct size but the shoes seem a little tight in the front. Still working with them. Hopefully they will eventually feel more comfortable.
These are by far the best basketball sneakers for the money. I love how these lockdown to my ankle and forefoot. The cushion is also better than expected at this price point.
I actively play twice a week and shoe appears to be holding up really well so far. Overall a top performer and my current go to! Pros:. Excellent ankle support & containment, great grip, very durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use Cons:.
Lack of premium materials, fit is best for normal to narrow foot, limited colorways, not the most stylish in comparison to the market
I only bought these as a new pair of adventure shoes.. now that entails Forests, mountains, deserts, creeks, Rivers and Oceans.. I really put these Nike styles 2 the test…
I have had these Nikes now 4 about 2 weeks and I have already climbed Mountains, crossed rivers and traversed waterfalls in Colorado.. I have climbed on cliffs and rock faces in Superior Wisconsin.
These shoes preform perfectly every time I climb on rocks and adventure out into the next great thing.. if u want a shoe thats dependable for the price this is it..
Super comfortable, amazing grip, doesn’t get dirty easily and fits perfectly!
This is a great shoe but we ordered a larger size to accommodate ankle support so it didn’t work for us size wise. We had to return it for this reason! We would surely recommend this shoe!
Fit great My 15 year old son said they were the most comfortable he’s had ever for basketball Very happy so far
Was as describedd, very comfortable and find material, as I expected delivered on time Excellent customer service from Amazon and from the seller as well Definitely recommend you buy it
This is a fantastic but economical sneaker for basketball. It is light and very responsive. I feel fast and bouncy when wearing it. Traction is great.
Sticks to everything and seems durable. Also very, very comfortable. Every time I put them on I feel ready to explode on the court. The materials, however, are a bit on the cheap side – especially the upper mesh material.
I have pushed them hard and they have not fallen apart but it is clearly Nikes budget material. It is also lacking in some support features – mainly lateral lockdown so I would not recommend this for a heavier player or someone who needs a more supportive shoe.
I personally found the support fine for my needs and never had any issues lateral or otherwise but I am on the lighter side.
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