[REVIEW] Nike Men’s Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe

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Nike Men’s Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe

I have a grey pair that I love, so I wanted a second pair, but of a different color. These look awesome. I have nerve damage in my feet and these are very comfortable and I have no trouble wearing them for an extended period of time.
I bought these for my son – he is a 9 1/2 size but we got a 10 since it is cheaper (don’t know why) but they fit him very well and he loves them.
Box was beat up but gift inside was nice thanks a lot Nike shoes
My teenage kid is very finicky about his shoes and has stuck to the same model of Nike sneakers for a while now. I demanded that he try something different so he chose these shoes—and surprise, he actually loves them!
Nice light color, but with enough black and white accents to break things up. Fit was just as expected. My one star off is minor.
The shoe is a little stiffer in construction than the Nikes he usually wears: this is a good thing in my opinion—I hate the way some sneakers get stretched as theyre broken in—but my son says the shoes make a little more noise than he likes.
I bought these shoes for my husband for our anniversary and he loves them. They’re comfortable, good quality and fit as expected.
I bought these for my son-in-law who is in the Army. He says they fit well and are very comfortable when running daily for his Army PT. They are a cool looking shoe.
A very nice shoe. It looks good. My husband is 61 years old but very young at heart, he likes to look nice. It’s hard to find an athletic shoe that looks good on an older man. This shoe is the one, he loves them.
Fit just right. I used them all day and they were comfortable. Good style loved the color. I got the grey with white.
The tennis is not so much confortable as expected, being a basketball tennis. But I would be unfair if I rate it as unconfortable. Coud be little softer, but it fits its purpose well. And has an excellent design.
These shoes were more than worth the price. They took a little longer to get but due to the current situation this seller had excellent service and sold me exactly what I wanted
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