[REVIEW] Nike Men’s Air Baseline Low Basketball Shoes

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Nike Men’s Air Baseline Low Basketball Shoes

This is the first pair of wide Nike shoes Ive bought. Also these are beyond the best pair Ive ever owned. (Roughly bought 50 pairs thru out the years) These are my everyday use for work; great material, very comfortable, very supported.
I absolutely would buy another pair in a heartbeat. Great Job Nike these are amazing shoes!!! !
No lace sneakers needed.
The price was great for this shoe, it’s hard to get a reasonable priced basketball sneaker for less than $60 nowadays.
I’m a basic kinda of guy. It’s hard to find anything now a day’s that doesn’t have flashy colors.
These shoes were too tight at first, I thought I made a mistake. Kept wearing and they’re broken in now, so comfortable. And a great price!
These appear to be very well made and are probably a great product. However the size was WAY too small.
just great
As advertised but know that the sneaker is all black. Not like the picture
Ive been wearing these for a few months now, now that they are broken in they are better.
I ended up a full size larger than I usually wear because the toe areas are too narrow my pinky toe would feel squished by the end of the day and some blister on the top of my toe.
But now that the shoe is broken in its ok. Id recomend at least a 1/2 size above what you usually wear. The soles are thin but have held up well. The overall look of the shoe is great and it cleans really easily.
All good good shoe
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