[REVIEW] Jordan Nike Men’s TE 2 Low Basketball Shoe

https://amzn.to/3hBSwAJ – Jordan Nike Men’s TE 2 Low Basketball Shoe

Jordan Nike Men’s TE 2 Low Basketball Shoe

Good buy tougher than most not as comfortable as any Jordans I have ever owned seem hard and need broken in but a good shoe.
These shoes are very comfortable and look great
My bf loves these . They are his favorite show and he could never find them . He is so happy with these .
Ordered these for my Son, excellent looking shoe and he loves them.
Brought as a gift for my friend and he loves them.
Loved them the first time they released these shoes. Wishing they had some more color options similar to the first time around. These shoes fit my feet more than any other shoe I’ve ever worn. Here is to hoping they keep them around a long time!!! 🙂
These shoes are perfect I love wearing them
I already knew I liked the TE2 as I have 2 different colors. I am happy about the fact that the size matched and the shoes are new! Never know about ordering online, but this seller is good.
Love them
I liked the shoe, it fit well, and most important for me, is that it was comfortable!
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