[REVIEW] Jordan Nike Men’s Air Future Basketball Shoe


– Jordan Nike Men’s Air Future Basketball Shoe

Jordan Nike Men’s Air Future Basketball Shoe

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe, look somewhere else because this shoe has no support for basketball whatsoever. But it’s a great shoe if you’re just doing casual stuff, it’s also very comfortable as well.
Exactly what I ordered. Neat design; reminds me of carbon fiber.
The Jordan Future shoe has the exact bottom as a Jordan 11 shoes.The material around the shoe is much more soft and less stiff but playing a real competitive sport such as basketball will make your ankle move around which is not good leading to s n ankle injury.Personally you should still buy the shoe even if you won’t be playing a sport in them.It is a great workout shoe or even a shoe you can wear if you are only going tothe store.
I purchased these for my 12 year old son and yes his foot is a mens 10. This shoe is really nice and he loved the fit and comfort. For me the style and cost were perfect. I did not know that in the dark they almost glow with a silver hue. Love love love these.
Love the style & hightop cut. Right sneaker is a little tight, breaking it in with a shoe stretcher. Other than that, LOVE these!!
My son was a little hesitant about buying Jordan’s from Amazon, but when he found a pair he hadn’t seen in store, he went all in. Got great and he loves playing ball in them. Nice simple color.
These were great-looking shoes; got a lot of compliments on them.
I collect some Jordan’s not a big collection but if I had bought these for my collection the box wouldn’t have made it
Good stuff, the shoes didn’t have logo on the back as Jordan
Comfortable and great for the gym. The look is simply fantastic!
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