[REVIEW] Jordan Mens Air Legacy 312 Low Top Basketball Shoes

https://amzn.to/3b24eDq – Jordan Mens Air Legacy 312 Low Top Basketball Shoes

Jordan Mens Air Legacy 312 Low Top Basketball Shoes

Excellent product, the box came damage, but the shoes are what I expected
First time Buying a Jordan and i must say i was very impressed.
The material for the shoe is very nice and feels durable, the bottom of the shoe is hard(tells me that itll last a life time) And would be able to withstand a lot of weight without it being worn down.
It looks better when you see it with your own eyes dont let the photos fool you. Its an amazing shoe.
Fit great, very durable. Only problem is the strap kinda hurts the top of my foot the first few days.
Quality shoe, got them for my son and he says they are comfortable.
My 13 year old son loves his new sneakers! great quality and more affordable than some of the other sneakers the kids want. Very happy they were available in a mens size 11 which can sometimes be hard to find.
They feel wonderful, that good ol’ fashion Jordan quality, never cheap on the comfort. And they look great too
Very nice quality and I really like the new style of lows. They fit a little bit bigger than normal but its not to bad. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
I like the novelty of the shoe being fairly unique. I did not love the adjustable strap across the top of the shoe.
i was a bit skeptical about buying these on amazon and not at the mall these are legit searched up a youtube video before I decided to send them back and they are the real thing and they fit perfect im happy
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