[REVIEW] Crocs X Luke Combs Classic Lined Unisex Clog

https://amzn.to/3ozXQXW – Crocs X Luke Combs Classic Lined Unisex Clog

Crocs X Luke Combs Classic Lined Unisex Clog

I absolutely love these! I bough them because I love Luke Combs and have his other 2 pairs of Crocs! Fit is perfect, especially with the fur, I got the same size I would in a normal shoe.
They’re badass
Son received these as a Christmas gift. He loved them they fit well and are very comfortable
This is my first pair of crocs since I was like six. And lemme just say, best decision of my life. They’re so comfortable that I’m thinking about buying a pair specifically for work.
These I absolutely wanted because I missed the last few Luke Combs croc launch. And I for sure wasn’t missing this one. Plus the Sherpa liner makes it so comfy to wear.
Y’all did it. These literally are my new favorite pair of shoes.
Absolutely love them! Comfy and warm!
How fast and how they looked when I opened them
First fuzzy lined Crocs I’ve worn and they feel great. I didn’t take into account the lining and order the same size I usually get in Crocs and these fit a little bit more snug.
Still extremely comfortable and not too noticeable so ordering your usual size should still be fine. Love them overall.
Amazing comfort and warmth and love the style of these! Didn’t care for the camo ones Luke came out with but these are a hit! Hoping he will do another collab soon

Crocs X Luke Combs Classic Lined Unisex Clog

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