[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Specialist Vent Clogs

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Crocs Women’s Specialist Vent Clogs

I literally love these crocks!! had an emergency and could not find my normal shoes so I put these on and wore them all day and all night never noticing that I still had them on
I wear a 10.5 shoe. I bought the 10 and in my bare feet I have more than enough room- both length-wise and width. An 11 would have absolutely swallowed me whole.
For years Ive avoided Crocs like the plague – IMHO theyre ugly and seemed like theyd be a sweatbox for my hot feet. I wear my Birkies the vast majority of the time, but needed something to cover my feet when working in the wood shop.
Seeing these Crocs with the vents, I decided I finally gave in and decided to try them out – theyre perfect! Very comfy to stand in all day, keep my feet cool, and provide a basic level of protection (they dont have a hardened toe box).
Pretty decent for walking, too, though they eat low socks (i.e. pull them off my feet).
I love these crocs, you can wear them with dress or jeans.
I wish they had something with really significant arch support. Still I see why people love these things. Wear them anywhere and wash them off with a hose. Then to boot. Cheap.
Screw the fashion faux pas, Im moving over to the dark side . . the Croc wearing dark side, that is! These are the ultimate foot covering for the utilitarian minimalist, and I love them so much I am even considering wearing them in public someday.
I use them with a standing desk, and at home, and theyre wonderful. Cheap, durable, washable, and anti-microbial. Maybe someday Ill go to Mars, too.
My husband loves them
Shoe is roomy however the small vents arent enough to keep your feet cool throughout the workday. While walking, they let just enough air in but no where near the air that the Offfoad or Traditional model offers.
Overall arch support is far better than the other models so Im looking forward to the day when a well vented Specialist Croc is introduced.
These crocks fit and wore better than I expected. I have wide feet and they fit me perfect! Feels like I’m walking on a cloud.
My husband is a chef and much prefers crocs over any other kitchen clog. These are inexpensive and still last him for quite some time.
He loves that he can basically get a perfect fit by setting them outside in the sun for a few hours then wearing them around and letting them conform to his foot.

Crocs Women’s Specialist Vent Clogs

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