[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Karin Clog

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Crocs Women’s Karin Clog

I have worn Crocs mary jane styles for years, and this one is good but not perfect. The position where the straps are connected caused a little irritation on my instep for the first several times I wore them, which lasted longer than ideal.
I know that Crocs conform to your feet over time, but the irritation was present far too long in my case.
I like the shoes, and I wear them much more often now that they have finally stretched out just enough to release the pressure on my instep, but I docked them a star for all the time I spent waiting for that to happen.
Length and width was fine, they fit great – just something about the way the instep is designed, where the straps connect to the body of the shoe, literally rubbed me the wrong way for a while.
I have wide feet so they were very comfortable for me better than the Womens Shayna which are narrower and the size is perfect.
Very comfortable. The only thing I will say is that the ones I received were wide, not medium. Thats all right for me, as I have a wider foot, so they fit perfectly.
This cut out the breaking in process I normally get when I buy medium width shoes. However, for those who dont need the wide width, thats a little deceiving, as the product stated it was medium width.
I just think if you advertise a certain width, thats what should be sent to the consumer. If the seller has both wide and medium width shoes, then that should be specified in the size selection list.
However, there is no wide option listed at all, so it begs the question why wide width would be sent without ordering first. Again, thats not a problem for me, but i should think it would cause issues for others.
These shoes are like walking on clouds! It’s better than going barefoot! My only complaint is that there aren’t more color choices. I suppose I should mention that these are my first & only pair of crocs.
I tried on my aunts classic style crocs out of curiosity- I immediately wanted to move into those shoes and begin new life. A life of simplicity, accessibility, weightless comfort & ergonomics.
This is calf socks with sandals. This is Fanny packs. This is no mans land. Are you ready to run with the Wolfpack? Cuz, “ If you ain’t crocin’, you ain’t rockin’.” *Also, these are narrower & more female-foot-flattering than the classic crocs.
They’re still quite accommodating to those of us with wide feet. Zero foot fatigue and I’d venture to say that they even add a bounce to my step. I regularly get compliments on them!
I’ve worn them in the garden, cleaning house, walking/standing for long blocks of time
These black Karins, shown on the left, I purchased in my usual size 9. They were the right length but too tight in the toe box. I show them compared to one of my Crocs brand classic style (Size: Womens 6 / Mens 8).
Buying a larger size of the Karins would not solve the problem of the more narrow toe box, they would just be too long. For those for whom regular Crocs are too wide, these would be just right.
I like the Karin style and the quality is great, just not sized to fit me. Returned them and quickly received a refund.
I bought these for house shoes as I moved into a place with no carpet and my heels were killing me after walking around barefoot all day.
If you are expecting this version to be like the previous versions, I would agree with other reviewers that this is definitely a different “model.” They are wider than the older model and the toe box definitely isn’t snug.
As far as sizing, I’m a solid 7.5 so it’s always tough with Crocs for me. I have really slender feet and I bought an 8 and I’m glad I did. The strap on the back of the foot is why I’m glad I didn’t go with a 7 since that strap pushes my feet forward.

Crocs Women’s Karin Clog

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