[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Freesail Plush Lined Clog Mule

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Crocs Women’s Freesail Plush Lined Clog Mule

Very comfortable. Easy slip on. Great for walking around the house in. I wear a size 8 and ordered a 7 they fit perfect. I love the lining in these soft and not hot. I choose to wear mine with socks.
These Croc mules are perfectly squishy! Way better than any house slipper in the way of cushioning and support.
They are a little on the wide side, so they slip off fairly easy without thick socks, but to use as mostly a house slipper with an occasional run to the store, Im okay with that.
I wear a size 6.5 and ordered a size 6. They run large. I also wear a size 6.5 in Born shoes. Just to give you a reference. With socks they fit great.
Without a little wide for me. But I love them!!!!! Nice and soft on the inside and comfy! I use them to take my two golden retrievers out to potty. The grass is always wet in the mornings and evenings.
You will love them too! Just slip them on and go!
Yes! Add to cart! So comfy, I wish I could say they are cute, but hey, they are crocs but the comfy makes up for it. I wear a 9.5 and bought the 9, they fit perfect.
First time purchasing Crocs. I was amazed how comfy they were. I do think they run tight but they also state that about this model already. They have started to stink though since I have been wearing them a lot.
Not sure how to rectify that since they are lined. The lining doesn’t stay fluffy either which sucks but I didn’t think it would. I want to try the unlined ones after the winter.
Wish they were cheaper!
Right after my crocs were delivered the weather turned cold and rainy, even some hail. My feet have been cozy and dry. I love them!
I absolutely love these shoes! The only downfall is that you can’t take out the fuzzy insert to clean them. I don’t like wearing socks with these shoes because then it’s too snug.
They’re perfect with my bare feet as is. They just get dirty inside. I tried putting them through the wash to clean them but it didn’t make much of a difference.
I’m thinking maybe my next step is to use simple green on the inside.
My daughter (29) loves these for walking around the tile floors all day, and she loves that they can also go outdoors.
She says the bony part of her foot (I think she means the side of her big toe where a bunion might be starting) does not mind the hard plastic because I got the the ones with fuzzy liner.
Without that she says they would be uncomfortable.
A little narrow but these are great. I bought them to wear after my c section in March so I could still wear cute and comfortable slip on shoes that would keep my feet warm. Only downside is I have wide feet and they seem a little narrow
I would buy a size smaller as they run a bit big. This is my second pair as my first pair was an 8 and were too big. The 7’s fit great.

Crocs Women’s Freesail Plush Lined Clog Mule

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