[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Freesail Clog crocs Shoes

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Crocs Women’s Freesail Clog crocs Shoes

I have loved Crocs for years even though sizing has always been difficult. Sometimes they were sized by shoe size and other times by letter like S, M, L, etc.
So, most of the time I have worn Crocs that are on the big side and I have some pairs on the small side. I loved them whether they fit perfectly or not.
I waited and waited for Croc to make prints like a few copy-cat companies did, but it didnt happen until recently.Unfortunately, I came late to the party as there are not many prints left.
I did get a Freesail flowered pair and I am delighted! I bought the size Amazon said I should buy only to find those were too big so sent them back for the smaller size which is just right.
I love the tropical flower pattern!The Freesail is a style I hadnt had before. It fits a little slimmer, doesnt have a strap, and has a little more arch support and what I call a “toe grabber” so that toes dont slide up and down the shoe.
My foot is slightly on the wide side and the shoes hug my feet a bit unlike the classic shoe that is much looser.I adore these shoes and wore them comfortably for hours right out of the bag.
On the hunt for more!
Love them! They’re super comfortable-I’m only docking them a star, because I wish they had an ankle strap.
These are super cute & comfortable! Love the leopard print! They are lightweight and easy to clean!
Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect fit.
Love my crocs, I have slightly high arches and these support my feet, I wear them outside when I walk my dog and it’s on a gravel dirt road, they are surprisingly comfortable, I will be buying another pair!
Super cute. I wear 6.5-7. Ordered a 7.I find them to run a 1/2 size big. You can see in the photo there is 1 Gap in back of the clog. My feet are med.
width and they also wobble a tad. (Too loose) Unlike some reviews- I do not feel they run narrow or small at all.
That being said, I am going to re-order in a size 6 and see if that fits more snug (or if my heel hits the back heel ridge) which would make them uncomfortable, in which case I will keep the 7.Update:The 6 arrived & fit perfect.
Returned the 7. (I am a 6.5-7 normally)So I recommend 1/2 size smaller than normal.

Crocs Women’s Freesail Clog crocs Shoes

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