[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Duet Clog

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Crocs Women’s Duet Clog

The fatpads on my forefeet are very thin but these shoes, unlike others, are very comfortable. I found the shoes well constructed.
I have pretty normal-shaped feet, no rogue toes or anything. But these shoes have been chafing the top of my 3rd and 4th toe while being pretty loose width-wise.
I’m hoping the strap gets broken in and I have a bit more play front to back. Aside from that, they’re Crocs. Sturdy and they look…like Crocs. They’re only ugly if you care what people think.
Beautiful Crocs. I bought these as house shoes and I keep wearing them for errands. I get so many compliments and they are actually stylish with the two-tones
Been using it for about half an year, and it has been used by me extremely roughly over this time, be it walking over road or rough rocks, it has held up very well.
Only concern is the size, it stretches over the time of use, so do buy a size smaller than yours. I bought M10W12 replacing M9W11 as that one hurt my toes while wearing.
But i guess I shouldve just used that for a little longer then it wouldve fitted just fine. M10W12 seems a bit larger for me now, as it has stretched over use (My actual size is uk 10 btw).
It has been hard to get my size right, but I have figured out I like the relaxed fit the best it not as loose on my foot love crocs

Crocs Women’s Duet Clog

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