[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Crocband Platform Clog

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Crocs Women’s Crocband Platform Clog

PRO~These platform crocs are so comfortable. They fit just right, as soon as I put them on they were perfect. I have had many pairs of crocs but never platform.
I wasn’t sure if I would like the platforms, but as I started walking around in them they were awesome. I was taller (I’m only 4’7” tall) so I loved that.
CON~ My only problem with these crocs is the heel strap. As you can see in the picture I sent the right strap is a bit larger then the left. This is only a problem if you want to use the strap in the back.
It’s floppy. Also the right strap being larger I found to be a tripping hazard as I was walking up the stairs, the strap caught the next step up and I stumbled.
So for that reason I give them 4 stars. CONCLUSION~Would I ever order another pair-Yes. Would I recommend these crocs to others-Yes.
Ive bought a ladies size 8 just like my other Crocs, but for some reason this is one is smaller. My other Crocs is 12 years old and is looking pitiful but has always been super comfy and this one I wont be able to use with the band behind my heel.
I wont return, I will keep it as is. Otherwise than that it is super cute. I love the fact that it is a platform sole.
Worn crocs for years, ALWAYS Mens 9. These are marked M9/W11, but so narrow I could barely get them on. Apparently Ive always bought a “Roomy” style (Offroad Sport), and these are not-so-clearly marked “Relaxed” which is significantly narrower.
See attached pics. Both the same size, just “roomy” vs “relaxed”. Platforms, not a fashion statement, just like the idea of 1.5 inches of material between sharp objects & the bottom of my feet.
Live in the country and wear Crocs as much as possible. An occasional thorn will penetrate the bottom of regular Crocs. Small price to pay for cool, comfortable feet.
Platforms seemed like a great solution. As always, the overall quality was excellent, just the size issue. Give them 4 stars. Unfortunately, 9/11 is the largest they make in the platform design, so mine get returned.
If you normally wear a similar style Croc, they should fit. If you normally wear a wider style, then go a size up.
I like to have a pair of shoes that I can quickly slip on when I have to run errands. I also wear a pair of shoes to work, them change into my work shoes (also Crocs) Thesw platform Crocs fit the bill for easily put on, run errands without getting tired feet.
I just love they a very Stylish and comfortable and I love the color For some who buys the same color black this was a great change for me and the price was Reasonable I love so much I’m ordering another pair
I love the way these crocs look. They fit my foot well, but they have no give and very little support in the foot bed. I have arthritic feet, and I thought these would be great, but they feel like stiff boxes on my feet after a very short time.
They also have a footbed that sticks to your feet and then they release which makes sounds like one is passing gas. Very embarassing in public, so they cant be worn in public without socks.
I have always loved my crocs, but these have their own set of issues. I kept these because I hope I can use them to some extent eventually.
Great price, and well made. BUT……I wear a womans size 9, ordered these in a 10 (planned on wearing them with thick socks) and they were still too small (with thin nylon socks).
Strange, because Crocs are usually very consistent in their sizes. Not sure if these were mismarked, dupes or my feet magically grew two sizes and just as magically shrank back.
I was not looking for pretty. I was looking for long lasting. Since I have had a pair similar to this for many many many years and they are still good but worn down I decided To buy again.
Walking the dogs, around the house doing chores I find these a perfect. I feel more secure wearing these and saving myself from falling or worrying about water.

Crocs Women’s Crocband Platform Clog

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