[REVIEW] Crocs Women’s Capri Mule Clog

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Crocs Women’s Capri Mule Clog

I love these so much that I bought another pair in the light tan color! I had a Haglunds deformity, and could only wear backless shoes for a while. These shoes have been comfy for before and after my surgery!
They look fine with shorts, jeans, and my work slacks, and they are super comfortable! Great buy!
I love these shoes!!! So comfortable! I have been searching for work shoes for a long time. These are perfect. I have a wider foot and these do seem to run a little wide.
I was having issues with my right foot but when I wear these, no pain. I will be buying the other 2 colors!
These are cute and so comfortable- would look great with skirts or pants I am a size 9 1/2 & ordered a 10
Bought these a few weeks ago, I was looking for a summer slip on and go shoe. I have many foot issues(bunions and heel spurs) so it is very difficult to find shoes of any kind that dont hurt at least some part of my feet.
These are great, lots of room in the toe area, flexible material that stretches, no pressure points, feels soft on my heels. They are light weight and the fabric is breathable.
I walked for 5 hours at an amusement park and no pain.
I really wanted these to work for me. Love the slip on shoes and the price was nice. The sole felt comfy and were wide enough for my feet. But they were just a bit too short for me.
I ordered a 9. And they only come in whole sizes. I never ware a 10, and I know they would be too big in that size. Too bad they don’t come in half sizes.
These shoes fit perfectly! I have very tiny feet so I usually buy size 5 shoes but I when I seen a size 4 was available I just had to check them out for myself.
I can wear them bare or with socks which is great ,these clogs feel very comfortable and look stylish enough to wear to work and just lounge around the house in .
Honestly I never been a Crocs fan because their shoes look like duck shoes too me lol but I put my foot in my mouth, so I definitely recommend these to ppl who work on there feet for long periods of time.
I have size 10.5 feet and ordered size 11. They are a perfect fit at a half size larger. I really like how they look and feel on my feet. The toe area isnt too wide or too tight and they dont slip off easily or squeeze my feet.
Im pretty happy about finding these.
My feet hurt from arthritis and a neuroma. These have a wide toe box and enough arch support. That could be a bit better but I have worn them all day and my feet especially the one with the neuroma is not hurting as bad.
I bought an extra pair by mistake and was going to send them back but I may keep them.
So, the goofy rubber Crocs I cannot stand for adults. Comfy, yes…but attractive for anything other than the garden they are not. However, these are not those.

Crocs Women’s Capri Mule Clog

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