[REVIEW] Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

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Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

Took three tries to get the right fit. Well made and comfortable!
I use them as slippers and I like the removable and washable inserts I am ready to wash them for the first time Hoping that goes well
My size is a Women’s 10 for every shoe in my closet and these 8 M/10 W fit perfectly. They will serve as slippers and my “running to the mailbox in the rain” shoes, though I often end up wearing my Kadee flats all day long. All and all a good investment.
I love Crocs sandals for summer and have been sad every year when I have to retire my flip flops due to cold weather. This year I decided to try a new style of Crocs shoe and I love these.
Primarily I use them indoors only, but they are great. I really appreciate the washable liner as well, since my feet perspire more than the average gal.
Definitely comfy, and keep your feet warm! Youll love them.
I have tried many slippers over the last several years and none of them have kept my feet as warm as these! (the only ones that have been as warm were leather with fleece – and they would not have lasted with my dogs!)
Ive been a fan of Crocs long before Crocs were cool. Okay, maybe not. Haha. These shoes are PERFECT for taking the trash out, or walking the dogs during the winter.
They keep your feet nice and cozy, but I highly recommend ordering one size bigger than the Crocs without the liner. Otherwise, they will pinch at your toes.
They do eventually loosen up, but then when you pull your foot out, the liner will tend to come out with your foot.
I resisted Crocs because Ive been a Birkenstock fan for 35 years. I got some Crocs on sale last year for yard work, and Ive never looked back. These provide the right amount of support, theyre light and you can wash them!
What could be better? They are also wide enough, which a lot of shoes are not. I like this Mammoth Evo for winter. I have another pair of Crocs that has the fake fur glued in them.
Those have to be washed by hand and take a couple days to dry thoroughly. These are great because you can just pop out the insert and throw it in the washer.
The fur on these is higher quality and less prone to wear thin, too, Ive noticed, than my other pair.
The only thing that could be better is if they gave you a second insert to wear (or offered them for purchase) while one is in the wash. BTW – If youre getting lined Crocs, get the ones with holes.
They get too hot without the air holes.
Absolutely love them. Most comfortable shoe ever. I wear them inside and out.
very happy with the way they fit and feel on my feet. I have never had a pair before. There very comfy . I let my 77 year old mother try mine on and she loved them so I’m ordering her a pair too. Thanks much , Kolleen
Keep your feet warm while outside in the cold, and protect them from any debri on the road…..It’s a Croc!!!!!!

Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

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