[REVIEW] Crocs Unisex Crocband Lined Clog

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Crocs Unisex Crocband Lined Clog

Fit too large , extra soft
The product is as expected This item is OK, I like it I recommend this product to everybody This product is good quality
I really cant tell you yet anything about the shoes from Amazon the ones I got from Croc are great. The shoes from Amazon arrived well packaged and in great condition but when I opened the box I had a Womens size 11 instead of a Mens size 11.
The items were poorly marked on the Amazon site and I changed my order several times before I got the order right. I even had my wife check out my order and verify that I had ordered the correct size.
Guess what? Amazon says it is my fault and refused to replace the item. They did agree to refund my money once the item was returned.
I returned the item right away, went to Crocs own web site where the items are very clearly labeled, and then ordered two pairs of Crocs. They arrived today.
Correct size and all. Amazon wont get a cent from this order. Everyone makes mistakes and I understand that. It is what you do after the mistake that makes loyal customers or causes loyal customers to look elsewhere.
This is the second major problem that I have experienced with Amazons Customer Service in the last several months. For the most part I have enjoyed my experiences with Amazon.
They have been a convenient and reliable resource until just recently. I suppose they get another chance but if they lose me they will lose me forever and I will let as many people as I can know why.
Im very disappointed because Ive wanted to buy this type of Crocs, for me and for my son too, but there is not available the size which fits me and him…. Id like to get the size 10 and 11 in blue and black, but unfortunately, these sizes are unobtainable…. Why?

Crocs Unisex Crocband Lined Clog

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