[REVIEW] Crocs Unisex-Adult Specialist Ii Clog Comfortable Work, Nursing Or Chef Shoe

https://amzn.to/3bKbB2H – Crocs Unisex-Adult Specialist Ii Clog Comfortable Work, Nursing Or Chef Shoe

Crocs Unisex-Adult Specialist Ii Clog Comfortable Work, Nursing Or Chef Shoe

…but seriously, never again. I work retail and work on a HARD concrete floor for 8 hours a day. I usually come home to my feet in loads of pain. I have a bad knee and that is usually throbbing!
Well, I wore them yesterday (12/11/2018) and for the first time my feet where not in tons of pain. My knee while it ached, was not in the pain it normally is in.
Like seriously, how can such a silly shoe that gets made fun of so much be THIS AMAZING?! Like….wow…I think I am seriously a Croc Clog fan for life.
I usually wear 10-11 in womens and I ordered an 11. It has a little extra room but it is not uncomfortable amounts. So I would say it fits just a bit as expected with a little extra space.
UPDATE: Just over a week later and these seriously have CHANGED MY LIFE. My feet no longer hurt; my knee is not bothering me as bad. I was wearing insoles with my tennis shoes before these and they still didnt work.
These CROCS have done more for me than shoes/insoles EVER have. Seriously…cannot recommend enough!
Specialist II seems to have more of a rubbery/slip resistant bottom than Specialist I. Also, the bottom tread isnt glued on like the Crocs Mercy clog, of which I had to buy 2 because the glued on parts kept coming off, even after super glue repairs.
Even though the fit is roomy, the shape of the clog still fits my slightly narrow feet. Other reviews were correct in recommending down a half size, which works well for people who wear between a whole size to size and-a-half.
Great waterproof clog for bringing the dog out on wet and dewy grass.
This model of Crocs was exactly what I was looking for. The opening for the foot is is smaller than on the classic so it feels more secure on my feet even if I have the heel strap folded forward.
I wanted something I could wear unobtrusively going through the airport, and this model does very nicely for that since it is not vented. They feel very soft to walk in, and I feel that their sole is much more comfortable than the style found on the Bistro.
This is a good value for the person who needs this sort of shoe.
Got my husband a pair of these two years ago; he had worn them virtually every day, and I only bought another pair because I was positive the other ones would wear out, although they seem to be going strong.
He likes them very much, obviously, and wears them when working in the yard, where they are exposed to hard use. They hold up remarkably well!!! He is planning on keeping the second pair for “casual dress” i.e.
, when not wading through mud and wet concrete.
Now the secret to making these fit right and not kill your feet. Get some insoles.
Seriously, if youre in this line of work that requires you to be on your feet all the time, a $10 pair of insoles will go a long ways of giving you a better snug fit and more cushion from all the impact from all the steps you take.
Ive worn so many types of chef shoes for work. Ive had pairs ranging from $30-250 and for the last 3 years, Ive worn Crocs. I wasnt a fan originally, when they were the craze.
But after going through so many pairs of shoes for work, I needed something that was affordable, durable, and easy to clean. So for one, you can spray them down and wash the whole thing.
Thats really nice, and it dries overnight so I have clean pair everyday. They are decently durable, only one pair had the strap snap about 3 months in.
Traction is similar to most chef shoes, decent in oil, crap in water. Decent, not great, there are others that perform better, but cost a bit more. The price is good that I dont feel bad replacing them when I change jobs.
My first pair lasted me about a year, the last 9 months was with duct tape tho as the strap had broken. My 2nd pair was 2 years and I tossed it when I moved.
On my third pair now and probably will continue to buy them in the future. Get insoles.
I saw a lot of people complaining about the size. My previous Crocs were size 11 . Ive had that pair for about four years and it was time for a new pair; I ordered 11 again despite the reviewes.
It fit as I expected. The old Crocs and new Crocs are the same size. The fit is not the same and to me , thats expected; theyre new. The new Crocs do feel a bit more snug; naturally.
I also wear my Crocs with socks most of the time and the fit is still great. I have no do…

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