[REVIEW] Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic ClogComfortable-Slip on Casual Water Shoe

https://amzn.to/3oOXNaM – Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic ClogComfortable-Slip on Casual Water Shoe

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Comfortable-Slip on Casual Water Shoe

I bought these as camp shoes for a buddy of mine, and he floats between a 16 and an 18 depending on the brand. One star off only due to these being nearly two sizes too big for him.
They measured at least 13.75″ toe box to heel. If you have a hard time finding exact fits in Woolly Monmouth sizes, I would find a way to test fit these before you try them, as they are not sized the same as many main brand shoes.
The quality of the product overall though is second to none. The foam is rigid but soft and the shoes feel plenty durable for a camp shoe or a water fording option when backpacking.
Amazon, as always, was fantastic in allowing me to exchange them.
Crocs fit very well going to buy another pair.only thing they only had them in blue
Yes I wear crocs. Have you ever worn them? These are my house shoes. I wear work boots all day so when I come home I take the boots off at the door and slide on my crocs. They are comfortable and light.
You can walk across a sharp gravel driveway and be comfortable. Easy to clean with a squirt of dish soap and a hose.
I have a knee problem and have found that Crocs greatly reduce the pain because of they cushion my steps. I use one pair for house shoes and another pair for outdoor gardening work. Has been a great help for my bad knee.
Other than them being too big because we ordered them bigger than expected the shoe that we reorder will be fine. I had no problems with the company or shipping or anything other than that we just ordered two large of a size.
Nice looking shoe but WAY too big… I was confused about sizes
I’ve owned a few different pairs of Crocs over the years. This pair seems to be slightly more narrow than my other pairs, but after I got them broken in, they stretched and now fit just fine. No issues with delivery.
Their crocs you get what you pay for they’re great
I remember thinking “its just another stupid trend thing, and they look ridiculous”… Years later here I am wearing crocs. They are everything everyone told me they are and more.
So comfy you dont need insoles. The just right squishy yet firm rubber foam lets your paws sink into them just right. They might be a little firm the first wear- but they got better in just a few hours of use.
Cleaning them is easy too, being all rubber foam. Good luck getting these things to stink like your sneakers will! I should also mention the inside has little croc teeths that message the bottom of your paws.
I thought they might chew me up after a few hours, but nope! I really like them! Easy to take on and off if you put the ankle strap up and out of the way, then these crocs become the most convenient and comfy slippers in the world.
I like them soo much I might have to get another pair just for work. Ill let people laugh my shoes, and Ill just laugh at their hurting, sweating, smelly feet, and their ignorance.
I even think they look good now! I hate real crocodiles and alligators, I wish wed hunt them out of existence so it would be safer to swim in Florida maybe.
But CROC the SHOE? I love them!

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Comfortable-Slip on Casual Water Shoe

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