[REVIEW] Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Pro Literide Clog Comfortable Work Shoes

https://amzn.to/3nLHDO1 – Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Pro Literide Clog Comfortable Work Shoes

Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Pro Literide Clog Comfortable Work Shoes

I work in the food industry and spend a lot of hours on my feet. This is my 2nd pair and the first lasted over a year. I could have kept wearing them, but it was time for a new foot bed for support.
This has an upgraded footbed from my first pair and is very comfortable. These take a lot of abuse, spills, etc. and clean up great. No problems with slipping either.
Ive paid nearly $200 for other shoes and have tried about everything. These by far have been the best shoe for me. I have a wider, flat foot and these help me get through my shifts.
I will not wear anything else now. I even gave a pair to one of my young co-workers and she loves them as well. Its all she wears for work. Im 60 and am thankful to have discovered this shoe.
These were even BETTER than the original Bistro Pro Crocs! They are SOOO squishy & comfortable! I have Peripheral Neuropathy & other foot/ankle/lower calf issues.
When I say that these are literally the only shoes that I can wear, I mean I wear them 24/7, 365 days of the year! They are a lifesaver for my medical issues!
I seriously don’t know what I would do without them! The Bistro Pro Crocs line is a true Blessing in my life already! Sadly I’ve tried many different kinds of shoes to no avail!
So while the ‘look’ of the shoes is not my druther, I’m just grateful I have shoes that I can actually walk in!
Ive had a pair of Bistro Crocs for 4 years. They were still in pretty good shape, but I have a better job now and I wanted to get a fresh pair. I decided to go with these and Im SO HAPPY I did!
The LiteRide insoles are top notch! I like the velcro in the back to adjust how tight I need them. These are the Cadillac of Crocs!
Well what can I say they got here and I haven’t taken them off they are so comfortable. Can’t wait to wear them at work .
I had the Evolution ii from shoes for crews, they started talking after 6 months of use and a bit of water (got smelly too) So I bought some walmart clogs that blistered the back of my feet damn near immediately.
Ordered these and some filas from amazon too.. just in case they sucked. Its only been a few days but OMG theyre amazing! I have more energy, my feet are not swollen at the end of my shifts, and theyre comfortable as hell!
My feet can breathe, dont have to be concern about tying my shoes during a rush/or ignoring them being untied to push out a rush.And theyre easy to clean.
I will buy again when these start to get worn. Best kitchen shoes Ive had so far and they were only 30 bucks. (Ive owned $200 mozos) I 10 for 10 recommend if you are diabetic like me or simply have had feet issues/work long hours in the kitchen.
I have neuropathy in both feet and legs, these crocs give me the mobility able to walk and stand, as for normal shoes it hurts unable to walk.
These new crocs deliver the best comfort with the new lite ride system, I hope crocs well offer more lite ride system in there products.
I work Vet med ER and these shoes are perfect. The orange foam is very bouyant and forgiving with the relentless up and down and movements of the job.
My feet dont feel tired nor do the hurt. The Velcro is awesome! No need to worry about my foot sliding out of my shoes. I honestly want to find regular lay person shoes like these so I can wear them everyday theyre so comfortable!!
My cons per say are that the Velcro on the back of the shoe squeaks and crackles too much and occasionally is rubbs my ankle wrong. It doesnt happen often.
&& the shoes dont breathe well. My feet stink and sweat often through my shifts.
Up to now I have purchased three pairs of rubber shoes to slip on when I want to take the dogs out or just flop around the house.
The previous pairs have all been under 20 dollars and the biggest reason I wanted to try the crocs was because it looked like it had a more substantial sole.
I have a ton of trees in my yard, and the previous pairs were all easily punctured by sticks on the ground. The crocs so far have been very solid. While not as sturdy as a hiking boot, they have a much more substantial sole and I have had no issue so far.
They are also very comfortable and I like the option to keep the ankle strap up for easy on/off options or to place it on the ankle for a more secure fit while outside.
Well worth the extra money.
20 year Croc wearing veteran. These have a place. If your…

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