[REVIEW] Crocs Specialist Ii Vent Clog

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Crocs Specialist Ii Vent Clog

I take a size 13, read all of the sizing comments about ordering a size larger, and ordered a size 14, way too big for everyday use have a good inch gap between my heel and the back of the shoe.
Might keep for knock around but cant use at work. Too bad they seem like good shoes.
Not too happy with the delivery though, the box looks like it was through an MMA fight and was obviously opened and retaped, a lot as there was some weird adapter in the box as well.
First pair of crocs like the way they feel and the ease of putting on have trouble
Built for comfort not speed. Love them
Overall fit good. After some use, they start to fit a lot better
very comfortable my son wore them after foot surgery and was very happy –
Quick shipping, had my size
These specialist II crocs run a bit small , I wear a 14 mens in the bistro crocs and with these I require a 15 mens. I started having PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction ) a few years ago, its a very bad pain around the back of the ankle .
And since my Bistro pro clogs were getting worn I went to order another pair but my size was out of stock so I ordered these specialist II crocs and when I started wearing them I noticed the enhanced arch support and the PTTD pain vanished in a few days.
Since then , when the pain starts to return I know the shoe is getting worn out and a new pair always solves the problem fast. The only down side to these over the Bistro Pro clogs is that these do not have the slip resistant sole like the Bistro has.
I recommend these to anyone suffering from foot pain , it is worth a try.
I bought these for my brother because he needed a larger shoe for medical reasons.
I ordered a pair size 13/14, too small. I ordered a size 14/1515 that fit perfect. What do I do with the size 13/14? Will they take them back.
I love them they seem to fit well and very comfortable and easy to clean and the price was right

Crocs Specialist Ii Vent Clog

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