[REVIEW] Crocs Ralen Clog

https://amzn.to/3bEvmZo – Crocs Ralen Clog

Crocs Ralen Clog

Very good condition, comfortable and nice product
Too large for me (although Im size 7 I think that means size 6 in crocs) BUT fitted my dad (who is size 8) so I passed them to him. Just asked him and he says “good for knocking about, especially in the garden.
Good quality”. I consider them excellent value and quality so ordered some for my g/f.
Most comfortable slippers I’ve owned
Have to be careful with the size. In spite of choosing carefully (a size lower); its still somewhat unfit; just doable. The product is original & of sound quality
Good color and price.
The Crocs fitted exactly as I all of my previous Crocs have fitted which was exactly correctly!

Crocs Ralen Clog

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