[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s Yukon Sport

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Crocs Men’s Yukon Sport

I absolutely love these shoes! Women with wide feet will want to get these. My husband has had a pair just like these for 3 years and Loves them. I bought a nursing croc shoe for work and they hurt my feet.
So I decided to try these, since he loved them so much… and I am SO GLAD I did! They have enough room in the toes that they dont get too tight, and as the night goes on, my feet swell so I have enough room that I can hardly tell that they are swollen.
The soles seem to be slip resistant and the velcro heel is a major Plus! If anyone is up on their feet for 12 hours, this is a major BUY!! I almost want to buy another pair for everyday.
This is my 3rd pair of exactly the same crocs, because I wear them until they die.
Pros: • Theyre a great color next to jeans etc and the leather surface makes them look less comical • All the usual comfort aspects of crocs 2 small flaws which I can overlook • On certain street surfaces, when wet, these get *very* slippery, especially as the sole polishes down with age • The clip that holds the strap is a weak point, and can snap if caught on something like a chair leg etc.
Once I got past the way I felt everyone thought I looked in these I bought a second pair. I am disable and the pain in my feet are unbearable, except when wear these Crocs daily.
Both pair are worn but allow me to some time with my family. I would recommend them to anyone anytime. I pray they have a Exchange or a type of discount toward a new pair if I could take a vantage of with my two pair I purchased back in 2015.
It would be awesome to hear back from Customer Service in disregards. Regardless and in all seriousness, the issues have been.
Comfortable and very supportive and very easy to clean I’ve not had any trouble whatsoever with the shoes holding up other then the valcrov these shoes preform as good or better than advertising said that they would.
I am Marty Hicks recommend issues to male female young you know for comfort for a dress for Sports in realization.
Ive had a bazillion pairs of Crocs and these are my favorite not only because they look a bit less “beachy” but more importantly the non-slip soles different from most crocs make them good as boat shoes.
I have a pair of these that are falling apart after 3 or 4 years of wearing them nearly every single day and couldnt find the model around town.
When I saw them on Amazaon (strange I coudlnt find them here a few monsth back) I ordered one pair to make sure the soles were the good non-slip kind and that they werent cheapened up since I bought the first one.
Got them today and they seem to be good to go so I ordered another pair. Thanks to both Crocs and Amazon! Update .. I forgot to mention that the faux suede is resilient and holds up well under water and wear.
These shoes are a clear winner.
This review is for all Crocs, not just these: Ugly and embarrassing. I would never wear these around town or to the store. Maybe to check the mail. Maybe.
But, when youre backpacking, these are a godsend. They weigh so little, can just be strapped to the outside of your pack (to scare away bears, mountain lions and women), are perfect for water crossing and, when you finally make camp, OH MY GOD.
Taking off those boots and sweaty socks, and slipping your swollen feet into these will be camp time heaven for any experienced packer.
No more flip flops for me, they never had enough cushion or support, and water currents just loved sucking one of them away whenever I took a step.
I wish I had discovered these Yukon Crocs sooner. They are my new favorite shoe to wear due to the comfort and number of roles a particular footwear can be used for such as house shoes, boat shoes, recreation, and etc.
Some styles of Crocs arent that great fitting and allow your foot to slide around. This style holds your foot more securely and seem safer for climbing around on a boat or whatever.
They also look good and I like that even though there is a open toe version, the toe on this style is enclosed and better protects your toes from bumping into hard objects.
I keep a new spare pair of all of my footwear stored (Rockport casuals and & Timberland boots) both so I dont have to wait for a new pair to arrive and to beat inflation.
These seem durable and I expect the standbys will remain in storage for at least a year or so.
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Definitely 5 stars again because after 2 ye…

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