[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s Crocband Zipper Band Clog

https://amzn.to/3if3koE – Crocs Men’s Crocband Zipper Band Clog

Crocs Men’s Crocband Zipper Band Clog

Must admit wasnt a fan of Crocs at first due to their less appealing appearance as they are not very feminine to look at.
These shoes are worn a lot by theatre nurses and surgeons at work, so prompted me to have a go and look beyond their chunky appearances………not that I am allowed to wear them as we have strictly shoes dress code at work for safety.
Previously purchased a pair of slip on ones to wear around the house……so comfy and now I am a devoted fan! These ones are quite nice to look at and they are really comfortable.
The only cons is the sizing…very confusing but thankfully I had worked it out my size.
Delivery as usual beyond expectations. The clogs are very comfortable, the material is of very good quality. The price is correct. As a tip, select a bigger numbers than your foot size.
I have 42 the foot size, but 43-44 are the right one for me.I highly recommend it.
I love them and do did the recipient although her partner says she will divorce her if she wears them out in public together……Great for nipping out and keep your feet warm and as I discoverd this frosty morning NON SLIP!

Crocs Men’s Crocband Zipper Band Clog

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