[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s Classic Timeless Clash Roses Clog

https://amzn.to/3iaSFvi – Crocs Men’s Classic Timeless Clash Roses Clog

Crocs Men’s Classic Timeless Clash Roses Clog

These are the most comfortable shoes ever! They are flexible and secure, roomy and soft. I normally order shoes in 6 wide; these in size 6 are perfect.
There is no pressure on toes or bunions. Even without using the heel strap, they stay securely on my feet. They are comfortable with and without socks.
Super girly rose floral design is much brighter than anticipated (according to my husband) but I think that theyre just right. They have an olde world floral feel.
There isnt just a print on them but there are extra fake plastic flowers that are glued onto them. That was a surprise. They blend in nicely in a picture and are much more obvious when you take them out.
I love it! But these are the types of things that will snag on other things and so you wont want to necessarily go outdoors and work in them (theyd be a little hard to clean off because of the plastic flower petals which are layered, like a flower).
If they were glued on theyd rip off pretty easily but theyre bolted/ pinned on and feel solid so theyll probably stay on for a long time! Theyre showy indoor loungewear.
Great grip on the bottom. My new favorite house shoe.
One of my friends at the gym recommended that I get a pair of Crocs to help the pain in my right heel. My new Crocs are the best! I wear them daily! I have less pain in my right heel.
I bought these for work, I work as a preschool teacher in the infant and toddler rooms, and some teachers at my new school wear crocs in the infant room, after reading the reviews I bought these in my regular size instead of going smaller, and they fit perfect.
I feel better using shoes to carry babies and can walk around in them all day. The flowers are so pretty and they are so comfortable. I highly recommend them.
Unique and beautiful crocs! They were a gift and she loved them! The fit was perfect to size.
Perfect size and great quality.
I liked that when I opened the box, they are the most beautiful Crocs I’ve seen.
Very comfortable (like all Crocs) and so very cute! I have worn them twice since they came and I get many, many complements everywhere I go.
I struck gold with these crocs for my wife. They a perfect and made very well. 5 Stars!
Love my Classic (light mint) Crocs — sooooo comfy. Saw the flower ones on sale and decided to try it. I don’t lik to buy shoes online as they all vary.
I never have before. I used their chart that they provide to get my correct size and voila, a perfect fit. These are very cute, btw.

Crocs Men’s Classic Timeless Clash Roses Clog

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