[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s Bogota Clog

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Crocs Men’s Bogota Clog

Got these for my husband who has wide feet. Not super wide and doesnt normally wear a wide in mens—those seem super wide but does have slightly wide feet.
These in a mens 10M where very very wide—-I knew they ran wider than normal in reading the reviews. They are very nice looking shoes and comfortable but he slid around in the shoe.
Loving the look we took the chance to do what was listed to shrink them by putting them in the oven……listed on these reviews is the process…..Yes I was a skeptic but Ive blown 30 bucks before if it didnt work…..WORKED like a charm.
We did the process as listed-not standing on them but molding to his feet and only did this once. Super easy, now fits to a comfortable loose like most crocs fit.
Great idea and thanks for listing the process in detail!!! !
I was looking for a decent outdoor every-day walk around that was okay to get wet, could get on/off easily, could stay on if using all day, at least somewhat comfortable and close to a good fit.
Well, i nailed it on my first shot! I wouldnt use these for a long street walk. I use around my garden,yard,patio, lawn areas. I wear a size mens 12 medium.
I was hoping they werent going to be a snug fit as i wish to slip into/out of quickly, and so, i can. In slipper mode they do stay on. I am surprised as to how well.
When strapped with ankle loop, its not constricting and holds well enough for more aggressive movement. Been using only 2wks now. Purposely soaked them then dried in the Sun.
They dry quickly with no shrinkage. The leather upper is affixed to main rubber composite and seems to handle getting wet and drying out, well. Seems to be genuine leather and stitching for same appears well done.
I use mostly on my brick patio so Ill see how long the soles last. When they wear out, i will buy these again.
Im certain therell be no problem with the return for a larger size. My older crocs were size 10 but were made in Mexico where as this pair is made in VietNam which “may” be why they run a bit smaller,, cant say thats the case but these run small.
Anyway,once I get the right size theres really nothing much to say other than theyre Crocs and I expect they will last for years as has my last pair.
Practically indestructible. My first pair is as comfortable now as on day one, about 18 months ago. I’ve probably put a couple hundred miles on the first pair including hours on a paddle board.
Thought I’d up my game and get a nicer pair for social outings. This pair came as advertised. Perfect fit and a nice leather upper that is stitched perfectly.
4th pair of these. Although the order was the exact same as always, this pair came way too wide, as in- unwearable wide. Luckily from past experiences of accidentally leaving Crocs in the Colorado sun, I knew that they are easy to shrink and mold as you wish.
So, if you got a pair that are too large/wide (as other reviewers have stated), you may consider molding them to your foot as I have done the following way: 1) Pre-heat the oven to 275 F. 2) Take a cookie sheet and add a sheet of parchment paper on it.
3) Take the Crocs and place them on the sheet so they arent touching.
4) Ensure that the heel straps are folded up and resting on the top of the Crocs (since they are thin, if you leave them down they will shrink considerably more/faster than the rest of the shoe, which you likely dont want) 5) Place in the oven for 6-8 minutes 6) While they are in the oven, get 2 pairs of socks (best for 1 of the pairs to be a thicker hiking sock) and put them on.
7) Take the Crocs out of the oven and wait about 30 – 60 seconds before handling them. 8) Sit down and put the Crocs on (youll notice that they have already shrunk in the oven).
Do not stand up and put weight on them unless you are okay with the little traction nubs on the bottom flattening out due to the heat and pressure.
Stay sitting down for 3-5 minutes or until the Crocs are about room temperature.. 9) Once they have become room temperature, you can take your feet out, remove your socks, put them back on and stand up to check the fit.
Should be just right. 10) If necessary, repeat the process. Bonus!
Because you likely will want to stand on your Crocs while hot (to help mold them to your foot) but dont want to lose the traction, heres what you can do: While the oven is heating up, make some half-inch deep ice water (in the sink, tub, another cookie sheet, etc).

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