[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Sparkly Clog Metallic and Glitter Shoes

https://amzn.to/2LkY8no – Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Sparkly Clog Metallic and Glitter Shoes

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Sparkly Clog Metallic and Glitter Shoes

These were a gift for my granddaughter. She has had them on for school almost everyday since she got them. They are a big hit with her friends because they are rose gold. Great product!!!
These crocs are very pretty. Well, as pretty as classic crocs can be would be more accurate. I wear navy scrubs and these look really nice with them. I wear them all day and they are comfortable.
I have wide, flat feet and these have enough support to keep my feet from hurting. The only con is the sizing. I usually wear a womens 9.5 to 10 depending on the shoe.
I got the 10 in these. My longest toe on my right foot just barely touches the end. Its not enough to keep me from wearing them but it can be a little irritating by the end of the day.
I was so pleased with product! l’m glad l ordered it! LOVE! the matellic finish color. NICE! Beautiful! To wear.
I gave them to my daughter for a present and she loved them. The color is true rose gold, which she loves. They fit perfect
I bought these for my daughter for Christmas, in the pearl pink color in her usual size Womens 7. All her other Crocs are also size Womens 7. For some reason, this pair is small and tight and short.
I realize that Crocs stretch out after awhile, but these felt like a size 6, but they are marked size 7. We compared them to her gray Crocs, which arent that old, and the pink ones are visibly shorter and tighter.
Very odd. We returned and ordered a Womens 8. Hopefully they arent too big, she never wears an 8 in Crocs.
I joined the old lady club. Seriously though as a person with back issues I can say these are great. My doctor recommended them. One thing I will tell you dont wear them barefoot or they will make your feet sweat.
Otherwise welcome to the club of ugly shoes heheh.
i bought these for my mom. she wears them everyday!! they are so pretty!!!! and her and my sister fight over them because they are also comfortable!! i want my own pair.
My first pair of crocs! Love them! The color is unique and fun, they are soooooooo comfy and lightweight, my feet don’t sweat in them, and my feet don’t hurt after a long shift at work!
These can be worn with or without socks. I like the strap to have they stay easily on my feet.
I got a funky sparkly silver (fit the cheap price), to use when walking a heavy outrigger canoe into and out of the water, where there is debris, hazards, and also rough terrain.
We don’t paddle with shoes on and so being able to quickly take the shoes of and put in is important. I picked the sparkly silver for the price but also since I could easily see the shoes if they fall into the water.
Floating shoes also very practical. I’ve never owned crocs before but they are definitely perfect for my use. Better than flip flops because of the foot protection and ability to push the 450 lb canoe through rough terrain without having a flip flop blow out.
They are super lightweight and comfortable…. I have plantar fasciitis problems from running and so cant walk barefoot on hard surfaces….I’ve started using the crocs and they help.
The back strap that can easily be flipped so that the crocs are clogs with no back, is nice, but I like also having the strap so that the shoes don’t come off when pushing the racing canoe.
The holes in the waterproof shoe material allows for the water to easily drain…. unlike boat shoes or sneakers that just stay soggy and get stinky from the water we paddle in.
100 percent happy with the crocs.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Sparkly Clog Metallic and Glitter Shoes

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