[REVIEW] Crocs Men’s 11989M Clog,Black/Black,10 M US

https://amzn.to/39sVHXH – Crocs Men’s 11989M Clog,Black/Black,10 M US

Crocs Men’s 11989M Clog,Black/Black,10 M US

Bought for my husband and he loves them. Says they are great for walking an extended length of time. Loves the design. He is 5’10 and about 280 lbs. And he states it’s great for low arch support. Would buy again.
I bought this for my grandson and he loves them he wears them to school every day or almost every day in around the house they’re very comfortable and durable they are a little bit big in the front was wider than expected but overall it’s a good purchase
I’ve recently purchased 3 pairs of Crocs, all the same size. This pair is tighter and and shorter than the other 2 but still a great quality shoe.
This are my go to shoes for simple stuff like walking around the house taking the trash out and going on short runs around town. They are comfortable and easy to slip on.
I’ve always love crocs and they are super convenient. Got mud on them spray them with the hose, stepped on dog business spray them with the hose. Got them wet 10 min in the sun and they are dry.
They are perfect for outdoor stuff as well like fishing and kayaking. I love mine. I’m a size 9.5 and the size 10 fits me just fine
Great looking. Fit great. Just as described. I take a 10.5 (US) I bought a size 10 perfect fit. I recommend
I am just starting to wear Crocs because of circulatory issues that have made it impossible to wear normal shoes for some years. A physical therapist recommended Crocs for me to try due to the way they are made.
I tried a pair of the classic clogs first but wasnt completely satisfied with the size. I ordered these thinking they had a similar fit, but find they are not as roomy.
I have not decided if I want to keep these or order the classic clogs in a different size. If you need the width of the classic, these will be a little snug.
I really like these crocs. They are easy to throw on. Easy to walk the dog or work in the yard. I was then in the sink with dish soap and a sponge. One one problem, like most shoes you have to break them in.
I have a blister on the top of my foot. So until they are broken in and my blister heals, it can be a little annoying. Another thing..my wife was like..really,crocs.
Easdy, looked great and always easy wear for the feet

Crocs Men’s 11989M Clog,Black/Black,10 M US

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