[REVIEW] Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Casual and Comfortable Athletic Kids’ Shoes

https://amzn.to/2LIm8Av – Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Casual and Comfortable Athletic Kids’ Shoes

Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Casual and Comfortable Athletic Kids’ Shoes

My husband loved them!
The PERFECT PAIR OF CROCS TO MY FEET At first I bought a size up (9) as a lot of reviewers mentioned it runs large but It doesn’t. I exchanged them with my shoe size (8) they fit PERFECTLY with a little room around the toes area too.
My feet are in LOVE with (lite ride crocs)! HAPPY FEET HAPPY KNEES,HAPPY BACK, &HAPPY BODY 🙂
My husband has been a croc wearer for 15 years. I am super happy with this model from a person that has to look at them. They are more slender and less bulky looking than the originals.
These are his in the house shoes and are worn everyday. He says they are more comfortable and squishy than the originals. He even bought the LiteRide sneakers after finding these ones so comfortable.
I am a nurse and I was looking for clogs that were comfy. I used to wear danskos but they’re expensive and really hard, and too high of a heel. I bought these and they did not disappoint.
They are SO COMFY! I would wear them all the time. They fit perfect and I tend to have a foot on the wider side. I love them.
I wanted thes with the cushion because I love my regular crocs and thought these would be great, but they are much narrower than regular crocs so they are too short.
However, the larger size is too big. These need to have less curve in the toe area or be wider.
I love these! I was never a fan of crocs, thought they were ugly and expensive. I still think they are expensive. BUT I tried a pair that a friend loaned me for a day since I only had heels.
They were so comfortable! I then realized why so many ppl live them. But I could not bring myself to buy. When I discovered Literides I decided to get.
They look much better, even cooler? And are super comfy. Crocs typically run on the larger side. I usually run size 7.5-8, so I purchased the Womans size 7 and they fit well.
My only 2 complaints is there toe area slopes up at the top of shoe and sometimes that pushes my toes up. I have to push my heel back. 2nd there isnt as much arch support as I thought.
But overall Im pleased, they are my new work from hm shoes! The Navy/Lt blue color is very nice.
These shoes are the most amazing shoes I have ever owned. I work at a Veterinary Hospital and am on my feet all day at work and then come home and stay on my feet for a few hours.
At the end of each day my feet hurt badly and would even still be sore the next morning. I have tried many different brands of tennis shoes and inserts and nothing seemed to lessen my foot pain.
Then I purchased these amazing shoes…and now I literally experience no foot pain at any point in my day. These shoes have changed my life. They are actually pretty cute to wear too.
They kind of look like tennis shoes with my scrubs on. Although honestly I wouldnt care what these shoes look like because they are THAT comfortable.
These are very comfortable and nice looking. The only thing is that the straps are really tight and push my foot to the front of the shoe too tight. I am hoping that after i wear them awhile the straps will loosen some.

Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Casual and Comfortable Athletic Kids’ Shoes

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