[REVIEW] adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

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adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

These shoes are very comfortable, offer great support for basketball with a well-designed sole and padding in the right spots. I am a former loyal Nike user………….not anymore!
Excellent shoe. Shoe fits to size and has great ankle support with the high top. The Boost midsole feels like a cloud. I use these for jumping rope mostly.
I have gone through several shoes trying to find a pair suitable for high impact jumping and these definitely provide the protection I need.
This is a awesome good looking pair of shoes.
This is the first pair of Adidas basketball shoes i have owned and so far I am impressed. The boost soles add a noticeable amount of cushion and the toe shape is wide which is perfect for me feet.
I often have a problem with my toes being too cramped in basketball shoes causing my toenails to break all the time. So far I havent had that problem with these.
There is also pronounced cushion ridges in the lining at the heel which keeps your feet planted inside the shoe which is a must for balling in low tops.
So far I am impressed, I just hope they hold up to wear and tear.
I got these for work. I stand for 9 hours. They have a very soft foam that is really comfortable but there are two cushions at the heals that have caused blisters.
Maybe these are good for basketball but for standing they hurt my feet. If those two cushions werent they they would be great shoes. Maybe this is my fault for using basketball shoes for standing all day.
I really like the shoes except for those cushions which ruin them for me. On goes the quest for comfortable works shoes.
I haven’t even broken them in and they feel awesome. You really feel the energy return. I’ve always thought Nike air was overrated plus for some reason I usually pop the air somehow. Adidas makes a great shoe and doesn’t charge retarded prices.
These are perfect for kickin it or playing hoops.
This is a great shoe for the price. They run a little narrow and felt a bit tight at first but loosened a bit as they broke in. Great stability and comfort.
Despite the fact that these shoes were a bit narrow, I love them! Theyre cool looking, have great support and grip for playing basketball. I only use them indoors and theyre exactly what I was looking for.
It took me a long time to find the right ones for style, color, support and grip. So, I wasnt going to let the tiny bit of narrow fit keep me from using them.
After a few times, I dont even notice that they were narrow to start. I just dont lace them as tight near the toes.
Let me start by saying this is the first pair of basketball shoes I have ever bought. I dont play basketball, I just love the way they look and wear them casually.
That being said, I’m very happy with the quality of these shoes. They felt a little snug but after a day or two of wear they have broken in pretty nicely.
At the time the 10.5 were $65 and at that price I had to cop. They seem authentic. The stitching, materials and serial #’s are all correct. Overall, super clean pair of kicks for a decent price.
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