Reebok Men’s Classic Harman Run Sneaker – Reebok Men’s Classic Harman Run Sneaker

Reebok Men’s Classic Harman Run Sneaker

I have a pair of Reeboks thats very similar but these particular ones came with “Ortholite” soles (or maybe just insoles) I could tell within minutes that they can easily be an all-day shoe.
Also, compared to my other size 10 Reebok Classics, these ones appear to be between 1/4-1/2 size bigger. LUCKILY I realized that its my last pair of Reeboks that ran SMALL!
These ones fit exact….
Ok i ordered size 9. I went up a size and had to return because ive always worn the classic gum bottoms and they run narrow but the Harmans run sneaker is what i needed because they are more of a M/Wide they look great but were way too large!
Second pair i recived in my normal 8.5 had the supposed Ortholite insole was white not blue and thats what i was expecting to get bk when i reordered but they are not by any means supportive!
When you go to the shoe store i have always got the actual comfort insole and this deff. is NOT IT! But over all Rebock has always been my #1 all time favorite and they look great and dont feel great as far as the insole.
Id suggest if your more than 130/150lbs and want comfort and support because your wearing for that reason or just on your feet for many hours just go buy at the actual store but if you are a shoe junkkie and just wear here and there and dont care for insoles w/comfort and want to save 20$ then go for it!
I cant speak for longevity since i just recived them. Go with you reg.
Size in this shoe because it runs wide and you will have plenty room left with these Harmans. If your purchasing the classic gums then depending on the width you need you may want to go up a half size.
Hope this helps anyone out there struggling with what size they should buy because i know i shure did and thats why i went with the Harmins because i need a M/W and they look GREAT!
And this Co. Was very swift with my exchange i requested exchange and had them 2days later still have to return the 1st pair come tomm.
and im happy as long as they last.. i still have my classic gums from high school and their still kicking and have never fallen apart over many years of daily wear!
I added in the pic. The sticker proving they are synthetic not real leather as claimed! Ive seen sooo many ppl saying these were real and never took the time to actually look!
I am highly upset about that and its where they just snap on the fake orthopedic foot for your. That little blue foot feels more orthopedic than my insole lol… again i hope this helps anyone!
Compared to Air Max 90s and Asics Tigers these are definitely the lower quality versions. BUT they are a very classic look and a great addition to a pair of skinny jeans.
Bought these on sale so they were a steal. They are leather uppers so compared to my Bikes and Asics these will be much more durable winter wear.
One if not the best walking shoe still on the market. And they go with about any outfit. I love the white on white and the white with the bubble gum soles .Both look fresh to wear out on the town or used to walk in .
I use mine for both. Always good to have a 2nd and 3rd pair . Walking pair, going out pair and back up. And then price here is way more then fair compared to other retailers
For the price I paid, this shoe is an excellent value. My wife has commented that it is nice and stylish and I found it very easy to put on and take off. Very comfortable wear and it looks to be a shoe that will hold up well for quite some time.
Hubby is happy – he’s a creature of habit. and though I wouldn’t be caught dead in these classic white reeboks lol – he loves them and even after 20 years of wearing this style they still fit consistently to his sixe 10 1/2!
The product was great. I shipped this item internationally tho so that was my main issue. The seller choose DHL and the recipient had to drive 1.5 hours each way to pick up the item.
Nobody from DHL could tell why the item was not delivered or when it would be. NOW the product. This shoe is comfortable and a classic. True to size and all white.
not cheaply made which is why I choose it as gift for my loved one.
This is my third pair of these shoes. I wear them every day (I have two pair and switch off), around the house, walking the dog, etc. I got the first pair because of the sole design and it does work as expected, easy to clean mud or whatever from the sole.
Im pretty rough on shoes and usually after a few months the s…

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