QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non Slip Work Shoes Ultra Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking… – QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non Slip Work Shoes Ultra Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Gym Tennis Shoes

QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non Slip Work Shoes Ultra Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Gym Tennis Shoes

Very comfortable, great for running or everyday use. Theyre very light, which I really like for running, and Im a big believer in minimalist running shoes (read “Born to Run”… fascinating information).
They were extremely comfortable from day 1, no blisters. However, I take a size 10 so I ordered a size 10, and they shipped me a pair with a tag that says 44, no other size marking anywhere.
They fit fine so Id order what you normally wear. But it is confusing… a EU size 44 is really size 11 US. And the sizing chart for this shoe says 44 is US 11, but another shoe on Amazon has a sizing chart of 44=10 US.
Whoa, best shoes ever! I use this going to the gym and even when going to the office. Super light, stylish and ergonomic. Best thing is it’s cheap. Five stars all the way
Not a bad pair of shoes right out of the packaging. Comfortable and breathable, but my intial critiques after wearing (will write a follow-up review after testing in the gym & outside): 1.)
Fit ‍- 11’s are my size, but for those 11’s my concern is the back heel firmness keeping my foot in shoe when I do sprinting drill (will follow-up).
It is very flexible, so I’m optimistic. 2.) Static King – They create a significant amount of static due to the rubber sole, but it could be because caused by indoor winter environment (will follow up if it’s circumstantial).
As much as its fun to be a Spider-Man villian, I’m hoping it’s temporary.
Well made! Fits right also. Quality shoe. Id wear them anywhere. They are the best sneakers Ive purchased (for the price). A real quality item. It takes a while to get to you.
If youre thinking about getting them as a gift order them as early as you can! BTW, any man would love these. Ill rebuy.
My husband wanted a pair of sneakers he could easily throw on. He told me not to buy him a pair cause he was afraid of what I’d pick.
However I know my husband & he never goes shopping & I didn’t want to hear him complain for another year how he needed sneakers.
I purchased these simply because they were cheap & if he was gonna hate them or only wear them for a short time I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.
Turns out he loves them. He has plantar fasciitis & he finds these to be comfortable. He is not a runner so I can’t give any insight on how they would hold up for running but for a guy who has to wear work boots all the time he is happy to put these one.
I bought the red & blue color way as he’s a Habs fan so they match his wardrobe well. If you don’t know who the Habs are you must not watch hockey.
For the price these can’t be beat.
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let me go in depth about the sizing because i read so many reviews, i was more confused by the end. Ok, im female, i wear a size 10 female. My foot from heel to toe is 10 inches.
I bought the 10 men, size 44. The shoe fits great, with a lit bit of room. The shoe is a lit wide also. I bought these for work. I clean rooms at a motel.
I put a pair of regular shoe inserts in shoes because im on my feet all day. I put them in an shoe i buy. They are comfortable, .really comfy. However, i have not worn to work yet.
I think they are great for the price. Im not sure why ppl complain about how cheap looking they are. IM NOT SURE WHAT PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE GETTING FOR $30……just saying.
I do have an issue like many others. The way they are mailed is HORRIBLE!!!! I had to stuff socks in them over night to get them back to normal. I get that they do this so they can send them in the reg mail but please stop!
Its going to mess up the body of the shoe…..people take their kicks too serious to be folding them all up. Buy your size….THEY WILL FIT COMFORTABLY!!!
Go in a read the size chart. Also, go and look at a couple pairs of your kicks and look at us size and uk size. Long story short….I really like so far.
I just got them yesterday. I will be buying a pair for my son also!
I ordered these shoes in hopes for a comfortable shoe to wear to my warehouse job. These did not disappoint. They run a little small though. I normally wear a 9 so I ordered a 9 and a 9.5 in these.
I kept the 9.5. They come in labeled in European sizes on a little tag inside the shoe and dont have any branding on the outside. This gives…

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