New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoe – New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoe

I like this shoe alot. Its not my favorite in the world, but they work for what I need them to. I work at Amazon, so needless to say I need to order a new pair every 2-3 months.
The shoe is comfy and fits fine. They also look nice. I have a big feet that usually swell throughout the day so the soles give me enough breathing room and support where needed.
But this is why New Balance is the best! I mean-I could use a little more support and possibly a new insole but I digress. The only issue I have with them is a thin insole and that the outside is made of mesh.
This seems to be an issue with any shoe you buy these days. Theyre all marketed for thin, mesh outsole, and minimum support so they are the most lightweight as humanly possible…
I bought these for my husband and he is very particular with shoes, so I was originally reluctant to buy. The first pair I bought was slightly too tight.
I went up 1/2 size and they fit great. My husband said they are very comfortable and he lives that the sole is black as he doesnt like the look of white souls.
Amateur runner for over 25+ years here. Used from good, bad, cheap and expensive running shoes. By far, this is the most comfortable, lightweight and versatile runninng shoe Ive ever hard, period.
Quality price ratio, right on the mark. Ive used Arishi 1 and so far this Arishi 3, I can recommend both for either trail or road. Im not sponsored or endorsed by New Balance.
Its my honest and unbiased review. Try them, you wont regret.
Full disclosure, I am a recreational runner, good for 20 ish miles per week. I wear a 10.5 4E shoe, and the pair I bought was a perfect fit. The shoes look nice, are light, and give good support.
I only rated this 4 stars because New Balance shoes wear out rather quickly (these are not my first pair). Otherwise, a very nice shoe.
Honestly, these feel more like slippers than shoes. The fabric is mesh and very stretchy. You can see all of your toes stretch through the fabric when you move around.
The sole is also a little on the spongy side, probably for comfort. These are labeled as “running shoes” which is a dangerous statement. Because of the stretchiness, your feet slide around a little too much under general walking.
I would never attempt to run in these things! There is simply no stabilization. I ordered a 10.5 4E and feel they are true to size. I have always appreciated how NB offers wide sizes.
The insole is removable and I replaced mine with something that offered more arch support. Because of the material, I do not see these lasting as long as I would like, even if I am not running in them.
I bought these because I needed something that was white and would go well with a pair of jeans or shorts with “no show” socks. They do the job, but at 65 bucks, better deals can be had.
Thank you thank you thank you! My husband has such a hard time finding wide enough shoes that fit especially that are still comfortable. These shoes were so perfect we ordered him another color as well.
Runs true to size. Comfortable. Great quality. Highly recommend
Wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I’ve owned many new balance shoes and they’ve all served me well. Bough these as a casual knock around sneaker so they won’t see harsh intense use.
Breathes very well and they’re very soft walking. So far so good. Fit was right on the money with my usual shoe size. Good for a quality knock around casual sneaker.
I bought these shoes for my husband since he has so many problems with his feet that his podiatrist recommended New Balance.
These are so comfortable for him, he wears them all the time, great arch support and theyre so lightweight and the material is breathable so theyre great for the hot weather in Florida.
Amazing shoes. Super comfy and they fit like a glove. Totally worth the price. They look great as well. Do not hesitate. They are a must buy for some casual running sneakers. They are authentic and came in great shape. Don’t believe the reviews.
They are very comfortable and fit perfectly but I bought them because I read the reviews and someone said they were slip resistant. They are NOT slip resistant.
Well NOT for a restaurant atmosphere. I know they are not marked as slip resistant but like I said someone said they were and the bottoms look similar to the new balance slip resistant shoes on shoe for crews website.

New Balance Men’s…

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