MOSHA BELLE Men Athletic Shoes Mesh Blade Running Walking Sneaker – MOSHA BELLE Men Athletic Shoes Mesh Blade Running Walking Sneaker

MOSHA BELLE Men Athletic Shoes Mesh Blade Running Walking Sneaker

Laughably one of the most entertaining shoe(?) purchases Ive made at Amazon! Made in China, they come in a zip-lock clear plastic bag. No tag/imprint/label indicating origin, materials, OR SIZE on the shoe or packaging!
The cushion insole is their one saving grace. The delightful, and humorously creative, injection molded sole is somewhat springy but only adequate.
The synthetic mesh body IS airy but, as the forefoot was far too wide for the 10 1/2s I ordered, its not particularly supportive and clearly not designed for athletic function or support.
Im looking for a clown outfit to wear them with next Halloween. Had much better value, quality and performance from the Chinese made Camel athletic shoes I bought last year, altho did have to get separate insoles.
The Sketchers I bought at the same time as these at about twice the price just arrived and, after the first extended track walk, seemed superb, and reinforce my impression that these days products of Vietnamese manufacture are much better than their Chinese competitors.
well when I got them, I thougyt they were too long. But once I put them on they are a bit small but thats on my end. So Ill have to get a different size cuse theses are 11.
So Ill have to change that. I just got them today and once I put them on I mean wow! Good fit. And as far as complaints I dont really have any. So we shall see how long they last for the cost of $39.
Cuse most of the shows I get dont even last a month. So I hope these do for a while before I have to get another l. I might just get another just because lol.
The look of these kicks are super legit and they honestly look like basketball kicks. Plus they are not too expensive. If you like sneakers that can help you through a long day at work, you cant go wrong with these.
If you wear sneakers for looks, these are stand out.
Were 1\2 size too large. I would have accepted an exchange but is not an oltion . I liked these shoes. Very interesting design. Dropped off at UPS and had my refund being processed that night. Great customer service. No worries if they don’t fit.
I must say I was skeptical about these at first. However I just wanted a pair of shoes to play basketball in on the driveway with my son and to use while bike riding with him.
I didnt want to dirty up a pair of $80+ shoes while doing so. However I now actually use these as my go to shoes to wear everywhere. Ive been pretty hard on them and so far theyve held up now for 3 weeks.
I even ordered my son a pair which uses them daily to play basketball in and run around in. His have lasted a bit over a week so far now.
Ive actually had name brand shoes break down after a month of tough love so I must say especially for the price give them a shot theyre comfy. Mine felt a bit snug the first day but have now stretched to fit perfectly.
My son is super hyper always in the run…. These shoes seem to keep up with the abuse pretty well. They look cool. He loves them. Didn’t need to be broken in. He says they are very very comfortable
This are really good tennis shoes, they feel like a product of good quality and they feel fine on my feet. I liked the color, looks better in real life than in the pictures.
They are comfortable and works for the gym or walking, the only thing that I didn’t like is that they are a little bit tight. If you are going to buy them, get one size bigger cause you’ll feel your feet tight.
I think the price is awesome and the product it’s really good.
Great shoes so far. I was looking for an athletic shoe without breaking the bank. I was initially looking for a simple casual shoe to wear during coaching and practices.
I wore them to gym and around indoor track and they just got more comfortable the longer I was there. That is not to say there is any break in period though.
The shoes are comfortable the first time you put them on. I received a few questions as to what they were. A high school swim class was exiting the pool area as I passed and they did not recognize the style.
I will most likely be buying the mint green color and hope they add more lighter colors in the future. I hope this helps. If you are reading this I hope you are having a great day!
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I had foot surgery back in the spring and had a hard time finding the right gym shoe. I needed one that…

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