Feetmat Men’s Non Slip Gym Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Tennis Shoe…

https://amzn.to/2L4nSEt – Feetmat Men’s Non Slip Gym Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Tennis Shoes

Feetmat Men’s Non Slip Gym Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Tennis Shoes

Good for the price
I need shoes for a lot of walking daily. I walk few miles everyday. I was looking for something which ll not hurt my feet after long walk. These shoes are exactly according to my need.
Sole is soft. Mesh at top does not hurt your toes. Overall its a good shoes to buy.
The 12 1/2 in black is a different size from the 12 1/2 in camouflage. Everyone compliments me when I wear the camo shoes
Very comfortable! Love the shoe, great price!Not true to size, .5 smaller than Nike measurements
The overall durability could be better. Though, these are actually really breathable and comfy.
My Husband ONLY wears Mike and He loves all black everything! I slipped these in on him. He LOVES them. He says they are super comfortable and breathable.
I use them for working out at the gym, very comfortable for walking and running, very breathable and I really like the design and the colors.
A good breathable pair of casual sneakers. My husband was desperately in need of a new pair and these came just in time, and at the right price. We’re here for it and couldn’t be happier with these shoes!
They are very comfortable to walk in. They look nice. They are great for traveling. They are very light weight easy to cary. They have so many color for you to choice from. I highly recommend this.
Just got mine today, but why is one of them elevated on the back? Idk if i should get them replace or is normal. Other than that great shoes.
Bought these shoes for my dad and he loved them!! Fit true to size, super light weight and material is of good quality. Over all worth the price.
Cool and comfortable
Fit as expected
Loved everything about it but I think this pair came out defective .. but the color is awesome
I was actually very surprised at how good the quality and look of these shoes are for the low price. I’ve bought cheap shoes online before that looked and felt cheap, so I was skeptical upon purchase. Glad I purchased these and I’ll definitely be buying more.
I wanted a pair for regular use during winters. I did not want something to look like typical winter boots. This shoes served the purpose. They fit perfectly on me.
The grip inside the shoes is perfect. The rubber below the bottom is just amazing with good treads. I took a trip to New York and it was snowing that day entire day.
I was able to roam around freely and comfortably using this pair. The only downside is that sometimes when I had to walk in water, the shoes could not prevent water from percolating inside.
For the price these are nice shoes. They are very lightweight and have extra support for your foot arch. I got the green pair which seems to be a unique color to standout from the pack.
I work retail (12+ hour shifts) and had a severe leg surgery years ago so I am very picky about shoes. These shoes are so comfortable I have worn them just about everyday, for a minimum of 13 hours a day, zero issues.
They’re very comfortable. My feet don’t get hot. The ankle of my leg I had surgery on doesn’t swell as much as it did in my Nike’s. Since I got these shoes I got another pair in Grey, my coworkers have gotten pairs, and I got my girlfriend a pink pair.
The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because the tread wore faster than expected (I’m not kidding I’ve wore them everyday for almost 2 months now) and the shoe laces were very longer.
My second pair and my friends’ pairs had normal-length laces. 10/10 recommend.
Fits perfectly, just got them so am a say it quit nice
Let me just start by saying that these shoes feel very comfortable. I order a 12 1/2(Im usually a 12 1/2 – 13). The Design is simple but its adequate for me.
That being said, my feet do tend to slip out at the heel. None of my other sneakers do this, they stay firmly on the soul completely. They fit perfectly everywhere even the heel but my feet still slip out a bit whenever I walk.
I fixed the problem with these shoes by tying them tighter than I ever do. This is enough for the slipping out to be stopped by how tight they are.
I have made the best decision by buying this shoes.This shoes is so comfortable and flexible. I bought this for my work and even working for 15 hours straight , it does not hurt your feet.
I am so happy because i made the best decision by buying this shoes…

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