Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 – Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18

The quality I expected in a Brooks high end running shoe. Shoe is soft and comfy, but not overly so. You still feel like you’re in contact with the surface, and the fabric in the upper is nice and breathable.
Bought it in a wide (2E) width, which I definitely needed. It seems to run a little narrow in the middle of the shoe, so if you’re between a medium and a wide width like me, I’d recommend the wide.
The price is steep- hence the reason for only four stars.
use these as a walking shoe and they are extremely comfortable. I have bad feat and wear orthotics. I can walk all day in these shoes. I always wear the Glycerin.
This was a newer design so I had some concerns. No break -n was required. I dont know if they will hold up like previous versions with the mesh outer but even more comfortable.
The only thing I dont like is they pretty much always use a white cushion for the sole. it gets dirty and too noticeable. This pair is grey and a black or gray would have looked better.
Same thing with the blue pair I almost bought.
Just over twelve months ago I bought two pair of Brooks Ghost 11 Running shoes at a shoe store. One pair for work and one pair for exercise. I am 6’ 3”, 250lb.
After measuring, the salesman recommended size 14 in ‘D’ width, which felt a bit too snug for my tastes. I protested, he persisted, I relented. Twelve months later there came a point where my feet were sore after every walk/run.
Despite the aid of Ibuprofen the pain persisted day to day. So, time for some new shoes. While shopping Amazon & Brooks site for my next pair I noted the comparison chart.
The Ghost model has a Cushion Level of 2 of 3 in contrast to the Glycerin 18 which has a Cushion Level of 3 of 3. Not only did I opt for the Glycerin 18 model but I increased the width to WIDE(2E).
Within only several days of use all foot discomfort was gone. There is a night and day difference in the comfort levels of these models/widths for me.
They are so comfortable that within five days my feet are happy and my gait has changed to a longer stride.
I’m not a 20-something runner anymore, or even a 30-something runner. The days of running with the most minimal shoe possible are behind me. When I run in shoes with a couple hundred miles on them I can feel the reduced cushioning in the sole.
I bought these shoes because Brooks listed them at the top of their comfort and cushioning matrix and they delivered. They have a slightly forward lean like I prefer and their gait is neutral.
They feel great as I am out pounding the pavement and my feet and joints don’t feel beat up at the end of a long run.
The 14 wide is a true fit. Love the feel and texture of the uppers. Wore woth my medical custom made arch supports insoles. First time wearing Brooks. Love this shoes!
I ordered this shoe with the mistaken belief that, once they arrived, I would be running on clouds.
From the time I began punching in my credit card number to receiving the package, I had this image in my head of two pillows hugging my feet the entirety of my short (2-3 mile) runs.
As soon as they arrived, I ripped open the box, slapped them on my feet, and was….thoroughly disappointed. They felt like normal shoes. I figured “oh well, I probably need to run in them to truly experience the bliss.
The super sweet cloud-like technology can probably feel that im not actually running or maybe they can smell my intentions”. But, nope. As soon as I started running, they felt exactly the same: like a normal pair of shoes.
So disappointing…too late to return them. Oh well, at least they look cool.
It wasnt until after my run (which I spent debating the pros and cons of ordering a different pair of shoes) that I realized that my feet, which normally ache or blister by the 2nd mile, were not in any pain whatsoever.
In fact, if not for my collapsing lungs, flushed face, and burning thighs, my feet mightve convinced me to run another two miles. So 10/10. Not quite clouds, but Id buy them again.
Have had some issues with sizing (too narrow, tight toe box) for quite a few years, driving me away from my old favorite–the Glycerin. The 18 definitely gets closer to my old faves (the 12-14).
Fit true to size for me, bought my usual 10.5W. Roomy enough toe box. Excellent cushion, definitely neutral (I am a supinator, so I can tell when shoes arent–it makes it worse).
Have worn these both for runs and during my 28h shifts (Im a p…

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