Brooks Ghost 13 – Brooks Ghost 13

Brooks Ghost 13

Had Ghost 11s in mens size 12 that fit great so I ordered these in size 12 also, toes are pretty much right up at the end of the shoe. In the older versions of ghosts a size 12 left me a little wiggle room but these are snug.
Recommend going a half size larger than your old ones.
This is a pretty good shoe. Very comfortable, although it gave me some heel blisters. I may post an update later on to clarify how the shoe performs after the break in period.
For now its a solid 4 stars. I appreciate the comfort of the shoe. The DNA midsole is really great, however, the 12mm drop is a bit high. I didnt think I would notice but I have and it will take some getting used to.
If this shoe had an 8mm drop i think it would be the perfect shoe for me. Overall, it youre looking for a solid daily trainer this should do well.
I am extremely picky about the running shoes I wear and have found that Brooks shoes are the best ones for me. I have the Brooks Ghost 12s which were really comfortable and Ive put a lot of miles on them.
I decided it was time for a new pair and I saw the Ghost 13 so I decided to purchase them and I am not disappointed. They are very comfortable and just the right amount of cushion for my feet.
Im very happy with these shoes.
Type of exercises done: long distance & incline hill runs on & off treadmill. Pros: • Lightweight. • Minimalist branding & packaging. • Comfort is great inside with the toe box not being too wide or narrow.
• Shoelace length is ideal; not too long, but not so short that when double-tied, the top of your foot suffers. • Appears to handle mid-foot and heel-strikes well w/o adverse side-effects (but I have only tested this on 3 occasions for each.
Body weight, fitness level, running surfaces, and weather will all play a part in how well the shoe holds up). Cons: • None thus far.
Additional notes: It’s a great shoe that provides the necessary support without the additional anchor weight that may be associated with other models of this brand or alternatives such as the Gel Nimbus 19 – 22.
I would recommend consulting with your local Brooks store just to have a fitting done for your foot. This helps identify your stride/gait and walking + running type are like.
The last thing you want is to buy a shoe that does not provide the level of support needed for your body & exercises.
Go up 1/2 size for the best fit. My son and daughter, who are runners, love Brooks!
I am 49yrs old, 64″, 330# w/ 14w feet – so a big guy for sure. I have very high arches and resultantly achy feet. I have been searching my entire life to find comfortable shoes that actually fit my feet.
The search was recently renewed upon a visit to the pediatrist who after an x-ray said, “wow, thats the biggest bone spur I have ever seen”. That statement does not lift your spirits at all.
So he gave me a cortisone shot (which was painful but awesome) and an arch support to wear. The arch support was okay, but still pain after long days.
So back to the shoe review. I spent many hours searching for “high arch shoe” reviews on youtube. Several brands came up, but Brooks Ghost 13 just seemed to keep coming back to me.
So the Amazon reviews were good and I decided to try it out. Came in within a couple days. Stuck them on the first time and it was “oh my” they fit and feel great!
It was like stepping into a cloud. Next day at work was very active – probably 5hrs of straight walking and standing without a break. Then it dawned on me that my feet did not hurt.
This was like first time with no pain in years – literally. I have had them going on a week now and I actually find myself wanting to run and I have no idea why.
Must be the pedigree of the shoes. Time will tell how they hold up, but for now life is good again. Pros: The foot beds are wide for my oversized feet!
The insole material is very nice and padded but still supportive – perfect combo! The high arch support actually supports my big arch. The padded heel cup lands your heel perfectly and softly.
The outer mesh is very breathable and cool – great for summer. Cons: The tongue material is very soft and limber which makes it more difficult to slip on – which is my normal way.
Now must tie them daily – which I should do anyway – I guess. No pull tab at heel to pull them on. Mesh outers – I suspect they will snag and tear easily – not confirmed but suspected.
Breathable mesh outers – may be cold on feet in winter – again a suspi…

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