ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe – ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

For decades I’ve been using expensive ASICS GT series running shoes. Now that I am getting old and walking instead of running, I am finding that Gel-Venture sneakers are more comfortable for all day wear and just as protective, at half the price.
They have the added feature of a covering tab to protect the top of the show from wearing out in the front due to “rising big toe” issues, the major source of wear on my expensive ASICS GT2000 series shoes, which lack this feature.
4E apparently is the right size for me now? Shoes are awesome! Super comfortable right away, these actually fit my wide feet. Ive been having trouble finding shoes wide enough for my feet lately.
Seems like most brands are going narrower and narrower. This is my second pair of 4E Asics in a row and they are just right for me. The shoes themselves feel great.
Walking around in them right away made me happy I made the purchase. Comfortable, good cushioning but not too much. Great traction on these. The shoes roll nicely without having a super high heel like some shoes.
These fit pretty well. I had a pair of New Balance previously that I really liked, but couldnt find a new pair that was acceptable to replace with. The newer NB to replace my old was poorly rated due to quality.
And many other NB models either had quality issues, or were far too narrow (definitely not 4E). I have a wider foot and was using 2E before, but the NB 4Es were much too narrow (tried on numerous models).
These Asics fit fine. I do have a fairly flat foot, so hoping the slight arch in these doesnt cause an issue. It is definitely a smaller arch than many other brands.
Quality looks pretty good – time will tell. I will use for walking. I could recommend, definitely for those needing wider widths.
I absolutely LOVE these as my everyday work shoes. Im required to walk approximately 6-8 miles a day and they fit perfectly straight from the box. They last me about 6 months before I need to replace them, but with the mileage, theyre worth the price.
They are the 3rd or 4th pair of the same style Ive bought in row and will continue to purchase as long as they are available.
Out of the countless items Ive bought from amazon through the years, I never wouldve expected a pair of shoes to be the crowning purchase to persuade me to write my first review, but heres why.
For a living I work in a factory under the job title of “Services”, what this means pretty much is Im an assistant supervisor.
For example I keep track of cut numbers, sizes, bundle count, product progression, product disposal, mechanical issues, on spot inspection, the list goes on.
Theres 60 some people from the start of my production lines, to the end, spanned around 26 different sections/stations that I watch over and maintain throughout the day.
Everything from moving material/machines, to even going and getting them drinks and snacks. Essentially what all this boils down to is I walk, a LOT.
Im talking you see those Dr Scholl commericals where its like “John walks 16,000 steps a week and to help protect his feet and back he uses Dr Scholls” and I literally laugh because I do 15,000 steps before my first break at 9 in the morning.
I average 25-30 miles a day walking that concrete floor. Ive tried almost every pair of insoles, shoes, and the like that you can think of sold between Walmart, Shoe Show, Boot Barn, and beyond.
Now heres the reason Im writing this first ever review…
These Asics Gel-Venture 6 shoes are the FIRST and ONLY shoes that Ive literally taken them out of the box, put them on, and managed to walk my full shift without having to change insoles or shoes all together.
THERE IS NO BREAK IN TIME, they fit perfectly right out the box. I put them on at 5 AM the morning after I got them, and didnt take them off till my shower that night.
Not only did they stay comfortable all day during work, but they kept my feet so supported and comfortable that I didnt take them off soon as I got through the door.
Thats saying a lot, cause even the $200+ dollar pair of work boots I have WITH a 100+ dollar set of doctor prescribed orthopedic insoles in them doesnt make it that far, yea they get me through work day pretty good but they come off soon as I hit the bedroom.
These right here I didnt even have to change the “factory” insoles in. I literally took them out of the box, tied them onto my feet and was gone. My…

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