ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 6 (4E) Running Shoes – ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 6 (4E) Running Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 6 (4E) Running Shoes

The amount of comfort in this shoe is amazing. It competes easily with $130 overpronation shoes I own aside from no arch support. Thats where it failed completely for me.
Already tried replacing the insoles with arch support ones but the comfort level wasnt the same sadly. The provided insole is removable but is tacked down with adhesive.
Didnt damage the shoes when removing it and with care I was able to put it back in. So in conclusion, yes these are amazing shoes if you need some overpronation support or if your gait is neutral.
In this case Id highly recommend but sadly it didnt work for me. The shoes look amazing and they feel amazing. The price with the construction of the shoes is an amazing value if you just need some extra support and cushion.
Id consider this shoe to be plush in the midsole and the insole was comfortable but not a lot to make it heavy. If it werent for my arch I would of ordered another shoe to keep in storage when this one wears out.
Great service as usual from Amazon for the free return.
The Gel-Contend are a very comfortable and affordable Asics shoe. They have a higher toe box than many of the other Asics line, so there is a very diminished chance of my toes squeezing too much together and wearing through the top of the shoe.
The fit is like the original Gel series from the 1980s – 1990s when the company had a most affordable, tremendously built, and comfortable running shoe.
As a physical educator and athletics coach, I need a comfortable pair of shoes to wear to work. Highly recommended for a good, budget conscious shoe by a great shoe company.
I hope they dont tweak these out of existence!
During the Pandemic I was working from home so I wasn’t able to use the company gym or take walks at lunch on the walking path. So to get some exercise I began walk/jogging around my development.
I realized quickly that I needed proper footwear and after much research ordered these Asics. I have Plantar Fasciitis and at the end of my walks I would have some heel pain.
These shoes have taken away my pain. I wish I’d known about these years ago. You don’t need to spend $150 on a pair of running shoes to get a good comfortable pair.
Try these. I think that you will be pleased.
Shoes arrived on time and lemme tell you. Perfect fit and extremely comfortable. I could wear all day non stop. Might consider buying another pair like most every 6 months to a year.
I have never had Asics before. I ordered these because they were on sale, and my size was available. (I am not easy to fit.) The shoes are comfortable and have been a pleasant surprise.
The only con for me is the fact the the insoles are glued in, and I often prefer to use my own. This has not been a problem so far, and I dont anticipate much of a problem removing them when the time comes.
For years I have been wearing been wearing cheaper shoes for work, and every so many months I would have to buy new shoes. The tread on the cheap shoes would wear out quickly.
I decided to spend a bit more on better shoes. They needed to be breathable, be able to support my foot and the tread not wear out so quickly. The shoes are fantastic!!
They give me the support that I need, the tread is lasting much longer than the cheaper shoes I used to buy!
Depending on the type of shoe I can wear a size 9 to 10, read other reviews and decided to order a size 9.5, glad I did, I think a 9 would have been too small but the 9.5 is the perfect size for me!
Definitely would recommend and would buy again! !
Perfect stability if you are flat-footed, over-pronate, and suffer from some arthritus pain. Nearly 50% less costly than the equivalent New Balance brand (also an excellent shoe).
The inner sole is removable and can be replaced with an over-the-counter or custom orthodic (that is what I did). Comfortable, breathable, and very good support all around.
The shoe cannot comfortably accomodate a custom orthodic ++PLUS++ the inner sole, you need to swap it out to accomodate flat-footed orthodics.
I have tried many brands of running shoes, but they just dont offer the same comfortable support and shock absorbency that Asics does! I run with my dog and Asics does a great job of minimizing the jarring impact on my knees.
Asics running shoes are well-made and last for one year with daily use. Great choice for running or walking, and the gel cushioning adds to the com…

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