adidas Originals Men’s Alphabounce Slide Sport Sandal – adidas Originals Men’s Alphabounce Slide Sport Sandal

adidas Originals Men’s Alphabounce Slide Sport Sandal

Gift for my son. When I gave them to him, he joked with me, what am I gonna do with these ? Told him, read about em, supposed to be comfortable, give em a try.
8 hours later, tells me, has not taken em off since put em on. Says, one of the most comfortable sandal, shoe, he has ever worn. Has back pain. Suggested to me that wearing these sandals, much like 150 dollar running shoes, makes his back feel better.
The insole, has padding and such that fits in all the right places on feet. He is not a sandal wearing kind of guy. Lately, I notice, he is wearing these more and more.
Couple days ago, saw he forgot to change into his running shoes before going on one of his 8 mile walks. Got 1/4 block away before returning home to change shoes.
I think he likes em. Maybe you should try a pair for yourself.
Awesome Sandles! I wear a 10.5 in mens and I originally ordered an 11. Had to return as it was WAY too big (heel to toe) and got the size 10. The size 10 still has some room to spare.
I would say that if you wear a half size FOR SURE order the size down. If I were a size 10 I would go down another size and get the 9. That is how BIG these sandals run.
Stop reading other reviewers and just order a size down. Trust me. Sandals are very nice but I have noticed they are pretty slick on slipper floors.
The sandals have a simple black-on-black design that doesnt scream a brand at you. But best of they feel great. Very good support and good grip beneath your feet so you dont feel like youre sliding around inside the sandal.
The soles have good gripping tread even on wet surfaces. The strap is wide, comfortable, and the edges do not dig into your feet. All in all, really good buy.
I bought these because they looked good all black, and had many good reviews. The bands on top are too wide and rub the top of my foot and creates blood blisters.
They are very comfortable for about 15 minutes, but I cannot wear them anywhere other than around the house for short jaunts unless I want to have stinging feet.
EDIT these broke in finally and wear great. Took about a month
I always wear slide sandals around the house rather than go barefoot. As soon as I come into the house i kick off my shoes in the laundry room and slip my feet into my slides.
Ive tried many brands over the years. Several years ago I found a pair by another manufacturer that were the best Id ever had. They were comfortable and they lasted a long time, but unfortunately they were discontinued and I didnt care for the new models.
I need sandals, particularly slides that are adjustable. My feet are 10.5 and medium to narrow so most that have a single piece over the top are too loose.
I looked at more slides than I care to think about in local shoe and department store and could find nothing that either fit right or was of a decent quality.
Finally I decided to try Amazon and see what was offered. I looked at countless slides and read I dont know how many reviews, and finally said enough is enough.
These slides have an adjustable upper, and they were reasonably priced so if I didnt like them I wouldnt be out much money. These slides are great. Very comfortable, good fit and seemingly good quality.
These Alphabounce are my new favorite slide, and Ill be ordering two more pair, one for wearing outdoors, and a spare. Theyre my new favorite, and a lot less expensive than some of the other name brands.
As I said earlier, I wear a 10.5 shoe. Usually for slides I buy a size 10, but I think the size 11 that I got was perfect.
If you wear a half-sized shoe, Id definitely recommend sizing up and not down, otherwise they seem true to size so go with your normal shoe size
Comfort is probably the best thing these pair of sandles have going for them. As for how they mold to your foot and how tall they are is a whole different story.
Id say these sandles are about an inch thick and they dont concave to your heal. So it can be difficult keeping your heel on when walking. Doesnt happen often but when it does its definitely an OS moment.
Mabe they just need to be broken in. Im a size 10 in sandles and these fit perfectly. So Id say find tour sandle size and order that size. I like the adjustable strap and its padded for extra comfort.
Have walked about 2 miles in them and Id have to say they didnt have any bad rub spots but it did take a couple adjustments to kee…

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