adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe – adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

It is exactly what I expected. Confortable and all black! The only cons is that I feel it a little wide at the front, but it’s not that much that makes me regret to have bought it. My wife and daughter said it looks good, and I agree!
There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this shoe! Hope that ADIDAS does not stop making this model! Slippers for your feet that you can wear to work and keep your feet comfortable all day…the pictures on the site do not do this shoe justice!
Wish there was more of a variety of colors to choose from!
Bought a pair of these at the local store and immediately ordered a second pair for when I wear this pair out. The photo is misleading and makes the shoe look weird. If you are considering this shoe I suggest you look for photo’s elsewhere to get a good image.
I’ve been wearing sneakers for over 40 years, this pair is honestly the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever woren in my life. Feels like I’m wearing socks that someone attached soles to.
I didn’t buy them to train in, so I don’t use them for that, whoever while on vacation I walked about 10 miles daily on clouds, no pressure points
This is my first time buying a same shoes again in my whole life. I bought this at Adidas Outlet store over a year ago.
I believe I paid around $50-$55 at the store, because I have a flat feet, Nike air(around $80 to over $100) shoes were the only shoes it less hurts for my foot before I found this Adidas shoes.
I hate wearing a same shoes to long, but because of the comfortableness I keep wearing this shoes almost everyday.
I’ve told my wife about this shoes several times, and I told her that I wish Adidas can make flat feet selection lines based on this shoes especially for flat feet people.
One day, my wife told me this same shoes was on deal on Amazon. Had a deal price for $46.50, Shes asked me if I want another one. I said YES. Really people, if you have a flat feet, and other shoes makes your feet hurts, please please by this shoes.
I guarantee you. You are going to love this shoes. Adidas, please consider to make flat feet lines.
Thanks to the amazon reviews, I purchased these for around the house and minor tasks. They are so comfortable. The material is thin, but so cool looking.
It breaths so well. The insoles feel like Heaven! I would not recommend wearing these shoes for sports, as material on top could rip open. If used for walking shoes, these shoes should be rated a 5 across the board.
I gave 5 stars for everything except working out due to the thin material. If you are looking for a comfortable pair for non sports sneakers, this is a perfect shoe.
These are very comfortable and look quite nice. I was kinda apprehensive because I thought they might be like old people shoes (due to the slip on design), but they do look good.
They are definitely light weight and legit are like walking on clouds. The one drawback is that since they are slip on, you will not be extremely agile with them.
So if I got in a fight or was running from the police, I would likely take them off (but lifting with them is definitely fine). I see people talking about the the soles wearing out, but that is probably if you are a heavyset person.
I weight 160 lbs and they actually look and fit better the more I have worn them.
If youre getting grey hair and it hurts your back and knees to lace up your shoes but you still like 20 something girls just step into these Adidas, the under cover old mans loafers.
Comfortable, stylish and best of all a tight fit for an active day without the need to reach down and lace up!
Fits true to size while not running too narrow or overly wide, dont worry about buying a half size under/over – these shoes, like goldilocks found treasure, are JUST RIGGGHHHHT!
I’ve had these shoes for about a month now and I really like them. I will say that if you’re using these for any kind of physical activity, they’re probably not gonna last you for very long, and they’re also not well made for that.
They don’t offer a lot of foot support for athletics, and your heel would easily pop out of the back of the shoe with any dynamic movement. These are especially not a running shoe.
I use these as easy and stylish slip-ons for around the house to wear with athletic pants, and don’t wear them in public much. Size-em wise I found these true to fit.
I normally wear 11, I purchased 11, and they fit…

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