adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer Byd – adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer Byd

adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer Byd

I wear a men’s size 91/2 and these shoes fit me perfectly. I prefer the Nike Flex whenever I wear running or walking shoes.
My wife and I are very active people, so wearing anything on a regular basis aside from these types of shoes usually results in foot pain. I did not think I would ever find a shoe I would enjoy as much as the Nike Flex.
It’s like wearing a light cloud on your feet. They are so lightweight, breathable, while also providing support for walking and running that I have yet to come across a shoe that compares.
That said, these are a very close second. Things I like: 1. They look as great in person as they do in the photos. No joke. They look great. 2. They have this great lip on the back that helps you slip the shoe on.
There are actually two places to hold the back of the shoe so that you can slip it on. I think this has to do with the fact that for the most part the shoe laces only tighten around the upper part of the food.
The bottom part of the shoe isn’t really constricted by the laces. It stays relatively the same size no matter how tight you tie the laces. That may be bad for some, but I greatly enjoy it.
3. They fit and feel just like the Nike Flex, which is what I was hoping for. Between these and the Nike Flex, I don’t see myself owning any other running or walking shoes.
The price and durability let alone the comfort and how lightweight they are can’t be beat. I’ve been running for over ten years, in 5k’s and longer, and though I used to exclusively wear Asics, I have now hung them up.
I also wear these on a regular basis because they look so good too. 4. The price is great. Things I did not like: 1. I don’t like the shoe laces that came with the shoes.
This is usually the case with shoes, but in light of the very few cons in my opinion, I had to find something wrong with the shoes. The white on the bottom part of the shoes is hard to keep clean.
I try to keep them clean and looking nice, but once you scuff them, it’s pretty difficult to get it looking the sparkling white they were when you bought them.
These are two very small cons, as it would be very difficult to find a shoe that doesn’t scuff or need different laces, but other than these things I did not find any other cons.
Overall, I greatly enjoy the shoes. I’m glad I made the investment while they still had my size. I hope this helps anyone looking for some perspective on their potential purchase.
I have been wearing “skate shoes” since I was a probably 10, and the last several years have stuck to Vans skate shoes and Nike SBs. I thought, “there’s gotta be a better shoe out there…” Yeah – there is.
And it’s these freakin adidas. I’m ordering every color. So comfy. So light weight. I don’t even tie the laces – just leave them dangling in the shoe and slide the ol footsies in.
Good. To. Go! You won’t regret this purchase.
I LOVE THESE SHOES! I bought these shoes right before I was going on a month long trip to Japan and Thailand, and I am so glad that I did. First off, at a price point of around $50, these are extremely affordable and they look great.
Secondly, these cloudfoam shoes are extremely comfortable. When I was in Japan we ended up walking roughly around 17-20 miles A DAY, as my group and I were going from one place to another.
My feet weren’t hurting, I had no problems with tightness around my soles and the fabric top was very breathable and my feet were never overheating.
Not to mention I have pretty wide feet but the fabric is easily expandable which made the fit even better. These shoes are a huge success while traveling, and now I use them to work out at the gym.
My husband loves the shoe. Says they are nice and light. I like that I don’t always have to help him fix the tongue because it’s not separate from the shoe. Good for everyday walking or casual workouts.
I dont consider myself a sneaker head by any means but I have been particularly loyal to Nikes venomenon series because of how they feel on on my feet.
Im flat-footed so the support and feel of my shoes can be felt throughout my leg. But even with age the price of that series has climbed. Enter these bad boys, for the price I paid Ive been nothing but excited about wearing them.
They are running shoes at heart, extremely light weight and provide good feed back when making contact with the ground. They fit like a sock with a large sole underneath.
I have broken my routin…

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